Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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A Recruiting Win: Build a More Diverse Candidate Pipeline with Military Talent

If you are looking for more DEI resources, you can find expert insight in our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar Series. These webinars cover challenges and best practices across all aspects of DEI within organizations. You'll gain practical advice and takeaways you can immediately implement.

Challenging the Norm: Consciously Addressing Unconscious Bias

Everyone, from the C-Suite to the individual contributors within a company, wants their workplace to be a space for engagement, innovation, productivity, and growth. Key to achieving that goal (and the success that comes with it) is uncovering and removing unconscious biases that keep people from fulfilling their potential.

Meaningful Diversity Recruiting Metrics for Success

Talent acquisition professionals know that recruiting metrics are essential to measuring how successful recruiting initiatives are. After all, you can't improve (or even benchmark) what you don't measure.

Building Better DEI Initiatives

Last year brought many diversity challenges to the forefront and is resulting in great change in the way companies do business. 2022 presents the opportunity to build workforce programs and pipelines that can better meet diversity, inclusion, and equity ambitions, better acknowledging that DEI is more than an acronym.

Employer Resources for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Optimize Talent Access and Hiring Results

Building strategic DEI objectives that foster diversity and inclusion has never been more important. Explore how Orion Talent can optimize your diversity outreach.

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Diversity Recruitment FAQS

Why is ensuring diversity in your recruiting important?

Ensuring diversity in your recruiting strategy transforms a company into a space where diverse voices are heard and valued. These diverse voices bring a wide range of perspectives that enable companies to better understand a much broader customer base, gain global appeal, innovate in new ways, and improve retention.

How can you improve your diversity recruiting by using a talent attraction firm?

Recruiting firms bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to challenges and best practices across all aspects of DEI. Companies that work with a talent attraction firm also gain access to extensive networks of diverse talent across disciplines and interests.

How improving your minority talent attraction improves your business?

Companies that hire a diverse range of candidates gain a wide range of perspectives that create better employee experiences. In doing so, they become more competitive and innovative while realizing greater financial returns, higher innovation revenues, and above-average profitability.

Does Orion Talent recruit for executive positions?

Yes, Orion Talent Professional and Executive Search provides hard-to-find professionals for executive positions in a variety of industries. Our industry-experienced talent can take your business to the next level. Learn More About Orion Talent's Executive Talent Search