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Fundamentally Better Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Orion Novotus, an Orion Talent company, delivers RPO solutions for entire organizations, divisions or large projects.

Fundamentally Better Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What Is RPO?

In Recruitment Process Outsourcing, businesses outsource an entire sourcing, recruiting and hiring need to the experts at Orion Novotus. From the first requisition to the final hire, every placement is on us, and we deliver.

  • Strategic from the Start

    We optimize recruitment by working with our clients to fully understand your needs, creating a shared vision for achieving goals.

  • An Extension of You

    We serve as an extension of your talent teams, supporting and optimizing your recruiting efforts.

  • Full Lifecycle Solutions

    Orion Novotus RPO is comprehensive-we handle the requisition completely from requisition approval to acceptance and onboarding.

Watch our 2-minute video to learn about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


With Orion Novotus RPO, businesses gain better hires, shorter hiring cycles, lower costs and greater efficiency. We will optimize recruitment with the RPO solution that works best for you - whether we manageme recruitment from end-to-end or partner with your teams.

  • End-to-End RPO

    We do it all. Orion Novotus manages the entire recruiting process from requisition all the way to onboarding.

  • Co-Sourced RPO

    We partner with you. Orion Novotus partners with your team to handle key parts of the recruiting process.

  • Project RPO

    We focus and deliver. For complex, unexpected or fast-paced hiring needs, Orion Novotus will step in and deliver.

About Orion Novotus

Orion Novotus is an Orion Talent company and the mid-market leader in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). An annual fixture of HRO Today's Baker's Dozen, Orion Novotus provides businesses with strategic, transformative recruitment outsourcing services that result in measurable, lasting workforce improvements: better hires, shorter hiring cycles, lower costs and greater efficiency.  Contact us about RPO
For immediate assistance, please call Cory Kruse at (512) 904-1027.

Industries We Serve

Orion Novotus recruits skilled specialists and professionals for a wide range of roles across the following industries, and many others.

  • Manufacturing/Distribution Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Technology Industry
  • High-Tech Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Finance Industry
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation
  • Oil & Gas Industry
    Oil & Gas
  • Construction Industry

Revolutionize Recruiting Results & Business Benefits

Discover the talent advantages and bottom-line wins of Orion Novotus Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).  Contact us about RPO
For immediate assistance, please call Cory Kruse at (512) 904-1027.

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