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Does your company’s hiring process lack structure? Do you need a slate of quality candidates from which to hire?  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) through Orion Novotus, an Orion Talent company, is the answer.
For companies like NCI Building Systems, one of North America's largest integrated manufacturers, RPO is not just a hiring strategy, but an overall business strategy that helps the company tackle multiple issues. Like many companies, NCI's recruiting organization was decentralized and lacked processes that were consistently followed. Initially, NCI was looking for an RPO partner to handle recruiting for exempt-level roles, including all commercial roles and CDL Drivers. Orion Novotus implemented an ATS, developed metrics and KPIs, and began managing all sourcing, screening, submissions, and salary recommendations and negotiations.
Over time the partnership has grown and expanded, and also includes non-exempt manufacturing hires. This partnership has led to an increased number of hires, increased Hiring Manager satisfaction, improved time-to-fill average, a more streamlined offer process, and reduced spend and recruiting cost. You can download the full NCI Case Study here.
Like our client NCI, Orion Novotus can provide your company with End to End, Project, and Co-Sourced RPO. We can help you hire faster, lower your recruiting costs, and improve your turnover rate. Contact us today!

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