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Have you dreamed of ditching the 9-5 and becoming a small business owner? That’s exactly what USMC veteran Robby Dinero and his wife Kelly did. In Episode 171 of the From the Battlefield to the Boardroom podcast, the entrepreneurs discuss the fateful way they learned about the junk removal business, why they decided to franchise with JDog, the phenomenal support they’ve received from JDog Corporate, and the perks that come with being a business owner.

Robby studied criminal justice and political science before earning a commission and serving honorably in the Marine Corps for 14 years. Upon separating from the military, he moved back to Western New York State and knew that he wanted a job that offered him some of the sense of purpose and the ability to serve others that he’d experienced while in the military. He opened and ran a successful gym, and met his future wife, Kelly. A public school teacher for 10 years, Kelly transitioned to the private sector and worked at the gym alongside Robby while also running a successful coaching business.

Both fiercely independent with entrepreneurial spirits, the couple knew they were ready for something new to focus their time and energy on. They prayed that the right opportunity would come their way, while also actively looking for and seeking opportunities. One day, Kelly got an email about a junk removal business that piqued her interest. A few days later, Robby got an email from Orion Talent about a JDog franchise opportunity that caught his attention and he was interested in learning more. The coincidence was just too great to ignore. The couple headed to JDog’s Discovery Day in Pennsylvania to learn what franchise ownership was all about and they knew at once this was the right path for them.

Robby and Kelly love the freedom that JDog franchise ownership provides. The company offers as much support as they want or need without micromanaging.  “They gave you the tools. All you have to do is use them,” says Robby. It takes a lot of work; JDog isn’t going to run your business for you, but it does provide you with the tools for success and the independence to make your business your own.

“There’s a ton of resources for you. [JDog is] here to support you. But you’ve got to grind,” Kelly adds, “It lands on our shoulders to make our JDog territory successful.”

The couple loves the ability to connect with community members and get to know them in ways a 9-5 job would not permit. The opportunity to repurpose furniture and donate it to those in need is a mission that’s especially dear to their hearts. They’re making an impact every day and appreciate the opportunity to model community building and compassion to their children. The couple has seven children between them, and the younger kids love helping with jobs over the summer. “It’s definitely become part of our family and part of our life,” Kelly says.

“It allows me to have my priorities in order: my faith, my family, my community…. And I feel like when those things are in place – when your priorities are in line – everything else falls into place,” she adds. She’s able to stay home most days and takes care of the marketing, fielding calls, prospecting, finances, meetings, and more. Business ownership provides the flexibility she needs to be there for her kids and for family activities.  

Robby loves the independence franchise ownership offers, and how the business allows him to live the life he wants to live. He also enjoys the physical labor aspect, serving his community, the ability to hire other Veterans, and the support he receives from JDog’s Corporate Office. Be sure to listen to Episode 171 of the From the Battlefield to the Boardroom podcast for more information about this incredible couple and their experience with the JDog franchise.

Orion has partnered with JDog for many years to provide exclusive franchise opportunities for honorably discharged veterans and military families.  The largest Veteran-owned franchise in the nation, JDog helps other Veterans and their family members start their own business. The company’s established reputation, military foundation, proven business model, and low startup costs make it a great way for Veterans to become their own boss. 

If you’re a military Veteran or family member, JDog is seeking motivated, entrepreneurial individuals like you to build franchises nationwide. Whether Junk Removal & Hauling or Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care, JDog franchises are easy to operate, have a proven business model and high profit margins, and allow you to continue to serve by serving your community. Take the leap and become your own boss at JDog. Visit their website or contact them today to kickstart your journey to success!

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