Find Your Post-Military Career at an Orion Hiring Conference

Dates for the Joining Forces events will be posted here. Please check back shortly.

Joining Forces Hiring Events for Veterans

At these special events, you'll have the chance to interview with Hiring Managers for positions that are a match with your background, skills, and preferences. We offer a full day of interview preparation, briefings on the companies and positions, and opportunities for you to network with the client companies and other job seekers.

Unlike a job fair where you may spend a day talking with several dozen employers without a single interview, our hiring event is designed to get you interviews and job offers!

Interview for Technical, Operations, and Management Positions

  • Manufacturing


    Oil and Gas

  • Logistics



  • Engineering


    And Many Others!

Conference Agenda

Sunday (Day 1) will feature a morning session of invaluable interview preparation with Orion's Recruiters. The afternoon session will consist of detailed briefings by Hiring Managers from each of our employers to familiarize you with the interviewing teams, available positions, salary ranges, and locations.

Monday (Day 2) will feature face-to-face interviews for positions you have been prescreened for based on your background, qualifications, and preferences.

Contact Information

Please contact us at to learn more and be considered for this special Hiring Event!

Joining Forces Veteran Testimonials

"This event was a homerun for me! My 20+ years in the military has put some distance between my skill set and how it applies to various jobs, but this conference put me face-to-face with corporate employers in a setting where I felt comfortable. Orion is great at matching veterans up with employers who recognize military service as a benefit to their company. Time well spent!" - Heatherann Bozeman, US Army, O-3, Project Manager, Layne Christensen Company

"The Joining Forces event was very beneficial for me, as I got an idea of what jobs are on the market and their respective locations. I'm very appreciative that an emphasis is being put on hiring veterans. I'm looking forward to the job opportunities I'm preparing for. I would definitely recommend this to other military personal separating from the service." - Tom Anderson, US Army, O-3

"The Fayetteville Military Hiring Event was a great way to get face-to-face interviews and explore amazing opportunities that I wouldn't be exposed to without the help and services of Orion." - Donald Lowe, US Air Force, O-3

"The Fayetteville Military Hiring Event was a very impressive event. There was great support for the military, and the staff was professional and knowledgeable in their field. I feel as if I walked away with a job or had the best opportunity to get one." - Reginald Gilchrist, US Army, E-6

"These Military Hiring Events held by Orion and Joining Forces are great things. The interviews went well, and this is a great opportunity for veterans. Thank you again!" - David Kennedy II, US Army, E-5

"This was a great learning experience. Chris Demmons and his team are true professionals and show honest interest in helping veterans." - Gerald Montero, US Army, E-4

"The Fayetteville Military Hiring Event was a very good event. The companies represented had great opportunities and being able to come to one location and interview for multiple positions was outstanding. The Orion staff are extremely helpful and bent over backwards to help every candidate equally." - Jeremy Ramirez, US Marine Corps, E-5

"Regardless of what happens after this event, the flexibility, professionalism, and care of all the Orion staff has been refreshing and inspiring." - Javier Marrero, E-5, Field Operator, CRTS, Inc.

"This was a great event that taught me that my skills can transfer into more areas and career fields than I was aware of." - Derec Mercer, US Army, E-7

"This event was the best veterans' assistance-type program I have ever seen. This is the kind of benefit veterans need. The Orion side was extremely pro-active and professional in getting me to the event and matching me to companies. The companies were professional and eager to find matches. The whole process was seamless from start to finish." - Andrew Seiden, US Marine Corps, E-6, Field Operator, Layne Christensen Company

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