Military Friendly Employer

Military Friendly Employer

Honeywell was named 2015 Top Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs, the premier publication for service men and women transitioning out of the military. The award recognizes Honeywell for its military recruiting efforts, percentage of new hires with prior military service, and company policies toward National Guard and Reserve service, among other criteria.

Honeywell's public commitment to hiring military came in 2011 when they hired more than 1,550 veterans as part of Joining Forces. The next year President Obama visited a Honeywell facility in Minnesota and praised their dedication to hiring veterans. Approximately 10% of Honeywell's U.S. workforce are military veterans. The company voluntarily provides full pay and benefits for current employees called to serve, as well ascontinued medical coverage and protected jobs for current employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.

"It's an honor to be able to hire U.S. military veterans for open, immediate positions at Honeywell," explained Honeywell CEO David Cote at a Joining Forces hiring event in 2012, "Honeywell is an ideal fit for U.S. military forces because they possess many of the behaviors that we value most. A strong work ethic, accelerated learning skills, ability to perform under pressure, and inspirational leadership are all traits that will foster successful careers at Honeywell and will strengthen our business."

Awards and Recognition

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