Get Involved in Joining Forces through Orion

Publicly commit your organization to Veteran Hiring

Publicly commit your organization to Veteran Hiring

In conjunction with Orion's membership in Joining Forces, we are facilitating the direct participation of our client companies wishing to pledge their support to the initiative. This is your opportunity to publicly commit your organization to Veteran Hiring, and gain visibility as a Military Friendly Company, with the potential to be featured on the White House Joining Forces website and blog.

Please fill out the information below as the first step in your company's participation in Joining Forces. Orion will forward your information to the Joining Forces Program Director at the White House. The White House may choose to feature your company on its website or blog to showcase your pledge and commitment to Veteran Hiring. Please make your goal realistic. Each month, please send an email to your Orion Account Executive on the total number of Veterans hired within your organization, and this number will be sent to the White House.

Please contact David Coe, Senior Vice President-Strategic Programs, (513) 459-8311 x 355 for more information and to learn more about the benefits of participation in this initiative.

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Joining Forces Employer Testimonials

"Thanks so much for hosting Honeywell at the Fort Hood Joining Forces Hiring Event. We enjoyed the event and working with Orion to help support the Joining Forces initiative. I look forward to working with Orion again in the future." - Mike Hutcheson, Operations Leader, Honeywell

"It was an absolutely great event with very good candidates, in every rank and service, capable of filling a variety of different positions for our company, and we ended up hiring 22 Veterans from this event. The Orion-Joining Forces event should be replicated in multiple different regions to help assist military personnel and their family as they make a challenging transition into today's work force." - Dave Ebbrecht, EVP, Kansas City Southern Railway

"Great event, great soldiers/candidates and we at Siemens are very happy to have been able to participate and continue to help drive Veteran employment." - Matt Lightner, Talent Acquisition Manager, Siemens