Job Search Fears and How to Overcome Them

10/26/2021 9:30:18 AM

Do you find yourself paralyzed with fear over searching for a job? Does the thought of interviewing make your palms sweaty? This spooky season, learn to identify the top three major fears when it comes to your job search, and learn how to overcome them so you can enter your job search with confidence.

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Careers in the Finance & Accounting Industry

10/5/2021 9:35:17 AM

Professional Finance & Accounting careers span many industries including, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Telecommunications, among many others. Industry experience is often imperative in mid-band and senior Finance & Accounting Leadership positions. If you have 10+ years of leadership experience, you may be right for middle to upper level back office finance & accounting leadership roles.

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Types of Jobs in Accounting

10/1/2021 1:50:20 PM

Accounting is ranked as one of the best business jobs in the U.S. News and World Reports’ annual list, and is a rapidly growing career path.

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Careers in Compassionate Pet Care

9/28/2021 9:43:44 AM

Orion has partnered with Final Gift Pet Memorial Center and Pet Angel Memorial Center, a reputable and sensitive pet aftercare service and a best-in-class pet cremation service to provide rewarding careers for transitioning military, military veterans, and skilled professionals.

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Job Seeker Scams and How to Avoid Them

9/21/2021 10:24:32 AM

According to The New York Times, job growth right now is at an unprecedented high, and has not been seen since the previous three recessions. In response, the job market has seen an unprecedented number of positions available. However, with those high job vacancies, come scammers.

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Types of Jobs & Careers in the High Tech Industry

9/14/2021 9:27:44 AM

The High Tech industry refers to cutting-edge technology, or the most complex or the newest technology on the market.

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PODCAST: Founder and CEO Helps Reduce the Stress of PCS

9/7/2021 10:00:19 AM

Orion has partnered with PCSgrades, a review and resource platform that supports the biggest relocation needs for military members, veterans, and military spouses.

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Ultimate Guide to Veteran MBAs: Why, What to Look for, & Best Programs

9/1/2021 1:17:52 PM

Learn about why you should consider an MBA as a veteran, how to find a good MBA program, and the best MBA programs in the U.S.

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Careers with Summit Truck Group

8/31/2021 9:23:53 AM

Orion has partnered with Summit Truck Group, a privately-held commercial truck and bus dealership company that does business as Summit Truck Group, Summit Bus, and Summit Idealease.

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Introducing Orion Talent’s SkillBridge Internship Program

8/24/2021 9:36:24 AM

Orion Talent is a proud participant of SkillBridge, a DoD program in which companies offer internships during a service member's last 180 days of Service. During this time, the service member trains and learns from an industry partner while still receiving military compensation and benefits.

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