The Semiconductor Industry in Austin

8/16/2022 12:43:06 PM

Semiconductors have driven advances in communications, computing, health care, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and countless other applications.

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An Orion Legacy: Chris and Madeline Hurst, a Father/Daughter Recruiting Team

8/9/2022 12:04:17 PM

Here at Orion Talent, we strive to not only help our candidates find meaningful careers, but also to become an employer of choice for our own employees. As our 300+ member team continues to grow, we love to celebrate the new faces while appreciating the men and women who have been with Orion for years. Chris Hurst, Director of Recruiting, is part of the latter and is celebrating 20 years at Orion Talent this month.

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Automated Resume Screening Software: How It Works

8/2/2022 9:25:26 AM

With 5 million more jobs than unemployed people in the United States, employers are starving for workers. Yet many job-seekers still struggle to find employment. Why? Automated Resume Screening Software may be the reason many resumes never make it in front of a recruiter or hiring manager. In fact, ¾ of resumes don’t make it past the gatekeeper. What can be done about this?

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Post-Military Careers for Technical NCOs

7/26/2022 9:28:31 AM

You’ve earned your position of authority through the enlisted ranks, and now you’re ready to separate from the military and are looking for a civilian career that recognizes your intrinsic leadership abilities and technical know-how.

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JDog Brands Celebrates National Hire a Veteran Day

7/19/2022 11:04:44 AM

National Hire a Veteran Day (July 25, 2022) is an annual reminder for job seekers and employers alike of the value Veterans bring to the workforce.

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Virginia's Booming Data Center Industry

7/12/2022 12:16:47 PM

Have you ever wondered where the internet actually “lives”?

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What’s Next? Post-Military Careers for Combat Arms Personnel

7/6/2022 1:42:38 PM

While military applications for Combat Arms personnel are extensive– with opportunities across branches of service on land, in the air, and at sea– you may be wondering how these skills will transfer to civilian employment.

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The Best Paying Jobs in Semiconductors and How to Get Them

6/21/2022 1:37:28 PM

Semiconductors - the tiny chips powering modern technologies - are vital to America’s economy, national security, and continued global leadership in research, design, and manufacturing.

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#PeopleWithPurpose- Purposeful Storytelling- Amplifying Culture at Numotion

6/16/2022 9:35:03 AM

In Episode 3 of #PeoplewithPurpose, Steve Amsden, Orion Talent Vice President of Diversity Initiatives and Military Outreach, and Numotion’s Adam Holton discuss how the company fosters a purpose-driven workplace and successfully engages new talent, current employees, and customers by creating an organization of storytellers.

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Meet Our Newest Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellow

6/14/2022 10:20:44 AM

We are proud to profile our Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellow, Victoria Koontz! Victoria is a new addition to the Orion team and is part of the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Fellowship Program.

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