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What is the Finance & Accounting industry?

Professional Finance & Accounting careers span many industries including, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Telecommunications, among many others. Industry experience is often imperative in mid-band and senior Finance & Accounting Leadership positions. If you have 10+ years of leadership experience, you may be right for middle to upper level back office finance & accounting leadership roles.

Common job types in the Finance & Accounting industry 

There are several common job types in the mid-band to senior level positions in the Finance & Accounting industry, including:

- CFO Controller
- Tax Manager
- Accounting Director
- Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
- SEC Reporting Manager

What Finance & Accounting jobs are in high demand?

The most in-demand Finance & Accounting jobs are for Controllers, Financial Managers, Management Consultants, Treasury Analysts, Accounting Managers, Budget Analysts, Senior Tax Accountants, and Auditors. This is true across a variety of industries including Consulting, Food and Beverage, Non-profit, and Technology, etc.

What are the highest paying jobs in the Finance & Accounting industry?

Among the highest paying Finance & Accounting careers are Chief Financial Officer, with a salary range of $86K-$286K+; Controller, with a salary range of $78K-$155K; Accounting Director, with a salary range of $88K-$174K; Finance Manager with a salary range of $74K-$132K; and Senior Accountant, with a salary range of $52K-$96K.

Why should you start a career in the Finance & Accounting industry?

Finance & Accounting Professional careers are dynamic and evolving. If you have the right education and problem-solving abilities, a career path in this field could lead to a CFO position. With clear career progression paths often evident, moving from an entry-level position to a mid-band or senior role is more easily mapped out. It is also a more stable career field with opportunities available in a variety of industries worldwide.

Ready to get started with a career in the Finance & Accounting industry? Learn more about the industry, search jobs, and reach out to our Finance & Accounting industry recruiting experts, Yasmine O’Brien, Daniel Frank, Jackie Deace, and Lindsey DeLoach.

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