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Monday, February 1, 2021

Orion is Celebrating 30 Years!

On January 7, 1991, Orion International was founded by five former Junior Military Officers, with the goal to connect transitioning military and veterans with America’s leading companies. Our intent was to present the talents of military veterans - their  teamwork, motivation, problem-solving, and critical thinking skill sets - to Corporate America. 

Thirty years later, we are proud to celebrate our anniversary, and that we have helped find careers for more than 50,000 veterans with 8,000+ companies since the company’s inception.

Orion International originally began as a placement firm for Junior Military Officers. Recognizing the need to help not just JMOs, we quickly expanded to include Enlisted Technicians and Non-Commissioned Officers, just three years after the company was founded. 

In order to help more veterans and have a broader reach, in 1996 the first Orion Hiring Conference (called a Mega- Conference at the time) was created, a unique interview experience that matches transitioning military and veterans with hiring managers for positions that are a match with your background, skills, and preferences. 

In 2006, we held the first Distinguished Candidate Conference in Dallas, TX, special hiring events that are designed to find careers for distinguished candidates, including graduates of Military service academies or top college and universities, those with an advanced education, and those that have consistently ranked above their peers in officer evaluations.

Our desire to help all military ranks and branches prompted the expansion of offering services to Non-Technical Combat Arms veterans, and in 2010 we became the first military recruiting firm to work with these veterans to find civilian careers.

A year later, we partnered with the Joining Forces Initiative, a national initiative to involve all sectors of society to provide improved opportunities to Veterans and their families in the areas of Employment, Education, and Wellness, including a challenge to the private sector to hire or train 100,000 unemployed Veterans and their spouses.

  In May 2017, we rebranded as Orion Talent, reflecting our broadened commitment   to provide our clients with all of the resources and technology they need to   successfully manage their talent management strategies, in turn helping to hire   more transitioning military and veterans in Corporate America.

As we navigated the global health crisis in 2020, we pivoted to provide you with the tools and resources needed to assist in your military transition during these challenging times. From providing virtual interviews and offering tips and additional advice, we are dedicated to helping you find a career.

Orion has earned the distinction of being the nation’s largest military recruiting firm, a title that we still hold today. Since our beginning, we remain as dedicated as ever to helping transitioning military and veterans find meaningful, fulfilling careers. Thank you for trusting us with your civilian career. Here’s to the next 30 years!

Post-Military Careers for Junior Military Officers with Orion Talent

Are you a JMO currently transitioning or a veteran JMO seeking a career change? Orion Talent can help you find your next career!

Our team of Veteran Recruiters will help you make the transition into the civilian workforce by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America's top companies. We have proudly helped tens of thousands of JMOs, SMOs, and Industry-Experienced veterans find careers. We specialize in helping find careers for transitioning active duty JMOsseparated JMOs seeking a career changeSenior Military OfficersUS Military Academy gradsUS Naval Academy grads, and Air Force Academy graduates.


All of Orion’s job seeker services are completely FREE of charge with no exclusivity requirements. We are paid by the companies who hire us to recruit and prepare qualified candidates. We will help you find your next career within Corporate America by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America's best companies.

We will help with resume and interview preparation, provide career counseling and transition assistance, and arrange interviews for positions that are a match for you.

The average starting salary for JMOs and NCOs with a Bachelor's Degree that work with Orion Talent is $107,395. This does not include bonuses and commissions!

Top companies have selected Orion as their preferred and/or exclusive provider of Military Officer Talent, ensuring you access to top opportunities that you would not otherwise have.

Check out the infographic below to see top industries for JMOs, job titles, and average starting salary by region:


In addition to helping JMOs find a post-military career, we offer an Officer Transition Timeline to help you stay on track with your transition, and a Webinar Series for Military Officers, which covers interview preparation, resume writing, an overview of the STAR format, and more. 

Find out more about post-military careers for Junior Military Officers through Orion Talent, and register to get started working with Orion.

GI Bill Explained

Created specifically for returning WWII veterans, the GI Bill provides tuition expense benefits for service members to attend a college or vocational/technical school. The Post-9/11 GI Bill went into effect on August 1, 2009, and is the most comprehensive education benefits package since the original bill was enacted in 1944. 

Former President Bush signed the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008, commonly called the new GI Bill or Chapter 33, into law on June 30, 2008, following a year-and-a-half of advocacy, endorsement, and support by US Senators, dozens of US governors, and organizations from the VFW to the American Council on Education.

Adjustments were made to the Post-9/11 GI Bill on January 4, 2011, when former President Obama signed a package of changes into law. Most of the changes took effect August 1, 2011.

Below, we’ve outlined the current GI Bill, as well as other updates and programs that are currently in place to help active duty servicemembers and veterans achieve a higher education.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

All veterans who have served at least 90 consecutive days following September 10, 2001 with an honorable discharge, qualify for the minimum benefit: 50% of tuition, books, and living expenses. The benefits increase proportionately based on time in service, up to 100% of tuition, books, and living expenses for those who have served 36 total months following September 10, 2001. Learn more about the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Yellow Ribbon Program

If you choose to attend a college or graduate school with tuition greater than the tuition cap, check out the Yellow Ribbon Program, established through the VA. A school must enter into an agreement with the VA, set up a veterans’ scholarship, and the federal government will match whatever funds the school provides to the scholarship.

Forever GI Bill

In 2017, a law was passed called the ‘Forever GI Bill’, officially named the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017, which removed any and all time limits on the time span in which veterans are required to use benefits, enabling them to be used at any time - and to be able to be transferred to a dependent - forever, as long as the service member had served at least six years before using the GI Bill benefits. Read more about the changes to the Forever GI Bill here and here.

To learn more about the GI Bill, please visit

VA Refinance Loan FAQ with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage


Orion has partnered with Mutual of Omaha Mortgage to provide exclusive VA home loan benefits to our veteran job seekers and alumni. Through this partnership you will receive the same loan rate and better fees than Mutual of Omaha Mortgage employees receive, as well as no lender fees and generous rebates.

If you are a homeowner currently utilizing a VA loan, Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage has answered some of the frequently asked questions about VA refinance loans.


What is a VA streamline refinance?
The VA streamline refinance loan is also known as the VA IRRRL. The VA streamline refinance is often a simple loan process because the borrowers are refinancing from one VA mortgage loan to another VA loan. This loan is often also referred to as VA-to-VA Loan. A VA streamline refinance is not available to homeowners who do not currently have a VA mortgage loan. The VA streamline refinance loan does not require that the borrowers occupy the home which is currently financed with a VA mortgage product.

What is a VA IRRRL?
The VA IRRRL loan is also known as the VA refinance or the VA streamline refinance. The acronym IRRL stands for interest rate refinance reduction loan. The VA IRRRL loan or VA streamline refinance is a special type of refinance loan made available by the VA Loan Guaranty program. The VA IRRRL loan is a fixed-rate refinance loan program. This loan is ideal for homeowners who currently have a VA mortgage loan who are looking to lower their monthly interest rate.

Can you refinance a VA loan?
Yes, if you are currently a homeowner whose property is financed via a VA mortgage loan you can apply for a conventional, FHA or VA refinance. Depending on the rate and terms a borrower is seeking, they have the option to review any type of refinance loan to replace their current VA mortgage loan.

How soon can you refinance a VA loan?
Depending on the level of risk associated with a borrower, most lenders would typically require the homeowner have their current VA mortgage loan for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying for a refinance. Payment history is one of the most crucial factors in determining a borrower's risk level for a VA refinance.

Can I refinance my mortgage with a VA loan?
Yes, if you are actively serving military, honorable discharge, veteran or the surviving spouse of any of the previous who is currently the borrower of a VA home loan you may refinance your property with a VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan. The VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan is only available to homeowners who currently have a VA mortgage loan. VA refinance loan products are not available to civilians or the general public.

Can I refinance a conventional loan to a VA loan?
Yes, a borrower who is eligible for VA benefits can refinance from a conventional loan to a VA loan. Although this is not typical, there is no restriction that prevents this. To be eligible for a VA loan a borrower must be actively serving in the U.S. military, have received an honorable discharge, be a veteran or the surviving spouse. If a borrower who currently has a conventional loan opts to refinance with a VA loan the loan process could take longer than average because different documentation will need to be reviewed that was not previously received and underwritten by a VA approved lender.

When to refinance a VA loan?
The decision to refinance a home should not be taken lightly. It is important for a homeowner to evaluate and determine their financial goals. If a homeowner is seeking the opportunity to lower their monthly interest rate or transition from an adjustable rate mortgage loan to a fixed rate program, then a refinance could be a great opportunity. Speaking with an experienced loan originator can help a borrower review their income, assets, and debt to determine if a refinance is the right decision.

How long does it take to refinance a VA loan?
If a VA borrower uses the VA IRRRL loan or VA streamline refinance, the entire process can be completed in 30 to 45 days. Although the VA streamline refinance or VA IRRRL loan does not require income verification, in order for the VA refinance process to move forward, a borrower must have the following qualifications:

 - VA Loan eligibility of the borrower must have been used on the property intended for refinance
 - Most recent two years of W-2 statements to establish income
 - Ability to document current or previous occupancy of the property
 - Confirmation of currency on mortgage payments or no more than one late payment in the last 12 months

Visit us online to learn more about Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, and apply to get a personal loan offer from their knowledgeable team.

Exclusive Opportunities Through Orion


According to Your Peers

Career Success with Orion

Podcast Series for Job Seekers

Have you tuned in to From the Battlefield to the Boardroom, our podcast series dedicated to supporting military job seekers? We have a variety of episodes covering everything from the civilian transition process to valuable insights and guidance from other Veterans and business leaders.

We've recently added new podcasts, including:

136. 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Job Search During COVID

135. Veteran Career Readiness with Mike Abrams, Founder of FourBlock

134. Financially Preparing for Your Transition, with Ryan Guina (The Military Wallet)

133. Become a Business Owner with a Veteran-Owned Franchise

132. Land Your Dream Job With a FREE Professional Video from Mission Hire Me

If you are ready to enter the interview process, visit our Interview Essentials page to sharpen your interview skills!


Visit us online to listen to all the episodes, and explore our new podcast categories on each stage of the transition process. You can also subscribe via your favorite podcast platform or RSS feed, to automatically receive new episodes as they are released.

We'd love to feature your questions in our upcoming episodes. If you have any questions you'd like to hear us answer, click below to email us!

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Upcoming Hiring Conferences


 Click here for more information.

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Join the Orion Team

Account Executive Careers with Orion 

Orion Talent is currently seeking transitioning or former military officers with a strong record of achievement to join our Sales Team as an Account Executive. We are hiring for our San Diego, CA office.

As an Account Executive, you will be responsible for identifying and working closely with America's leading companies in order for them to hire transitioning military veterans and develop smarter hiring programs. Average total first year income for Account Executives is $80K+, with a goal of $100K+ in your second year and beyond. 

To qualify, you should have military experience, a Bachelors degree, and a desire to succeed in sales. You do not need prior sales experience, as we will provide you the training, tools and resources needed to succeed.

Visit our Account Executive Careers with Orion Talent page to learn more about working at Orion, including a video, podcast, and webinar on our Account Executive positions. 

If you're looking for a quick way to introduce yourself, please send an email that includes your resume to Isabel Jessee.   

Earn $100 for Every Referral that Finds their Career through Orion

Did you know that Orion candidates earned $29,300 in referral bonuses through the third quarter of 2020?

For every job seeker you refer to us who is subsequently hired through Orion, you'll receive a $100 gift card to a retailer of your choice after they reach 90 days on the new job!

It's simple - just click here to refer a friend. 30 seconds of your time could be $100 in your pocket!

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