Air Force Academy Graduates

Free Career Placement Services for Transitioning Military Officers

"Orion outshined their competition in my mind. Numbers are not the game for Orion's recruiters. They are attuned to the needs of the companies that hire them, as well as the former military members they represent. They know what both parties like and what they need; they won't sacrifice the expectations of either for the sake of meeting a quota or to gain a higher commission. This organization is set up the right way to support this mindset. I would not even consider using another recruiting service.

I am so grateful to Orion for their work to get me work. I feel as if I hit the jackpot with the company I landed with. It is a great match, and it never would have been made without Orion. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I recommend Orion to every quality transitioning military member I talk to." - Gabriel Yoder, Project Manager, Integrated Project Management, USAFA '07

"I've been off Active Duty for almost seven years now and have worked for three different civilian employers. When it comes to job seeking, Orion is the best. They have proven themselves with each of my job searches and have delivered results before any other recruiter or job search website.

Orion eliminated the stresses of finding a job and presented multiple positions to me that were a great fit. I would highly recommend Orion to any Veteran looking to kick start their civilian career!" - Thomas Filbert, ISC Supervisor, Honeywell Aerospace, USAFA '04

Orion is the nation's largest military career placement firm. We find civilian careers for the top 15% of Junior Military Officers leaving Active Duty, as well as veterans who have already transitioned but are seeking a career change. We are proud of the high caliber opportunities we have available for graduates of our nation's Service Academy graduates. Orion's team of former Officer Recruiters will help you make the transition into the civilian workforce by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America's finest companies.

Orion will work with you to build your resume, provide you with transition advice and assistance, prepare you for interviews, and arrange interviews for positions that are a match with your background, qualifications, and desires.

Career Services for US Air Force Academy Graduates

All of Orion's job seeker services are completely FREE of charge, as we are paid by the companies who hire us to recruit and prepare qualified candidates. As a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and an experienced Military Officer, you have many traits that are sought out in the civilian workforce and experience unmatched by your civilian peers.

Orion works with the most dominant list of corporate clients in the industry, and we are the leaders in providing our candidates superior corporate exposure and the most thorough resume and preparation assistance.

Orion's Military Officer Transition Program is a thorough educational program designed to put your preparation 'to do list' in a logical sequence of events to be completed in the months leading up to your transition. The program is comprised of a series of informative webinars, self-paced instruction, interview preparation, and individual calls with your recruiter.

Our Distinguished Candidate Conferences are designed to present high growth careers for our top transitioning Officers, and feature Operations Management, Engineering, Leadership Development and Sales roles throughout the nation. Additionally we hold frequent hiring events onsite at our clients' facilities which feature campus tours, meet and greet opportunities, multiple stages of the interview process in a single day, and unmatched insight into the culture and work environment of the company.

Recent Careers for USAFA Grads through Orion

  • Business Development Manager with Siemens in Seattle, WA, $115K
  • Project Engineer with KLA-Tencor in San Jose, CA, $95K
  • Operations with Nestle Waters in Oakland, CA, $80K
  • Store Manager with Safeway in Colorado Springs, CO, $75K
  • ISC Supervisor with Honeywell in Phoenix, AZ, $73K
  • Sales Engineer with Stryker in Baltimore, MD, $70K
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep with Daiichi Sankyo in Tacoma, WA, $62K

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Registering on our site will give you access to Orion's Recruiting Team so that we can begin to plan to help you through your transition. Registration takes just a few minutes and is the first step to finding your next career with Orion.

You will be assigned an Officer Recruiter within 48 hours who will contact you to establish a timeline and transition plan.