Lutron's Light Control Systems

About Lutron

Technology-centered, people-driven.

Lutron designs, manufactures, and sells products ranging from individual dimmers to total light management systems. Lutron is proud that its products help to keep its customers safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Lutron's light control systems beautify some of the world's most prestigious public locations, including the Lincoln Financial Field, the New York Times headquarters, and popular restaurants such as Daniel, The Hard Rock Café and The French Laundry (all pictured above).

A privately held company, Lutron is headquartered in Coopersburg, PA, in the Lehigh Valley region. Lutron sales and service offices are located worldwide, with offices in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Lutron's Five Principles

Take care of the customer

"This principle has fueled my love for learning. I have learned how to better solve customer problems by leveraging my technical know-how and I am constantly being challenged to exceed expectations." - Franco A., Senior Project Software Engineer

Take care of the company

"I'm increasing efficiency and lowering cost, saving the company significant amounts of money. Knowing that I've directly contributed to increased profitability is rewarding." - Christopher C., Electrical Engineer

Take care of the people

"I am constantly applying Lutron's third principle, take care of the people, as I mentor and coach Software Engineers so that they can be successful in their careers." - John B., Engineering Software Leader

Innovate with high quality products

"I design interfaces that meet the customer's needs in the most pleasant and intuitive way possible. I love the fact that I have a visible impact on the projects I'm working on." - Shannon S., Software Engineer

Deliver value to the customer

"I help my customers solve issues that they didn't even know that they had. That is what makes working for Lutron fun." - Andy W., Sales Director

Private Residence, Las Vegas, NV
AOL, Dulles, VA
Private Residence, Boca Raton, FL
NATIXIS, Paris, France
United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.

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