Talent Attraction & Sourcing

Let us transform talent acquisition and boost results for your business with talent attraction and sourcing

Recruitment Optimization

Brand Awareness, Talent Attraction, and Candidate Outreach

Orion Talent creates employment brand awareness for your company. Our comprehensive talent attraction and candidate outreach campaign drives the right applicants into your pipeline.

  • Elevate your employment brand
  • Engage high-quality candidates
  • Develop candidate pipelines
  • Streamline your talent attraction solution

Talent Attraction & Sourcing Solutions

  • Employment Branding

    Our proprietary Employment Brand evaluation analyzes your brand compared to others in your space, with insight and guidance on optimizing your company’s talent attraction strategy. You will receive expert advice on your careers site, online footprint, social media presence, candidate experience, and much more. Orion's marketing, talent attraction, and outreach campaigns will create a seamless online experience for potential candidates, attracting qualified applicants from which your team can source and recruit.
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  • Source & Screen

    We generate an applicant pipeline with customized solutions that include competitor and pay scale research, passive candidate identification, and active talent attraction sourcing. Our recruiting team screens all applicants and presents you with a slate of talented candidates who are pre-qualified and well-matched for your open positions.
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  • Veteran Outreach

    Our talent attraction solutions drive targeted military and veteran candidates into your pipeline, providing an additional source of well-matched, qualified veteran applicants from which your HR and TA teams can effectively source and recruit. Learn about Military Veteran Outreach
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Industries We Serve

Orion Talent recruits skilled specialists and professionals through our various talent solutions for a wide range of permanent and contingent roles across the following industries:

Optimize Talent Access and Hiring Results

Recruiting has never been more challenging or more important. Explore how Orion Talent can optimize your recruitment capabilities and results.
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