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LinkedIn recently released their latest Veteran Opportunity Report, which highlights the current state of veteran employment and possible challenges veterans face when trying to find a rewarding career that utilizes all of the skills and talents that they received in the military. The report, pulled from LinkedIn data and additional insights, is helpful for both veterans and employers.

The purpose of the report is to help veteran job seekers gain a better understanding of how their skills, personal network, and employers’ understanding of a veterans’ military service impact the job search process.

Veteran Opportunity Report results

The findings revealed that while veteran unemployment has decreased over the last decade, down to 3.2 percent last month (and lower than the non-veteran unemployment rate), veterans are more likely to be underemployed than their civilian counterparts. However, veterans remain with their initial companies 8.3 percent longer and are 39 percent more likely to be promoted earlier than non-veterans. 

The report also revealed that veterans are more dedicated and experienced than their civilian peers, and veterans are, on average, 160 percent more likely to have a graduate degree or higher and have more work experience. In fact, veterans with Bachelor’s Degrees have 2.9 times more work experience than nonveterans.

However, underemployment, or being employed in a position that does not adequately use all of an employee’s skills and abilities, is a big issue for transitioning veterans, and veterans are 15.6 percent more likely to be underemployed, with 76 percent of top industries employing veterans at a lower rate. 

Orion Talent Account Executive Nolan Connors is currently in graduate school studying this very topic. “The rate at which veterans are underemployed is staggering compared to the rate they remain loyal to their company,” he says. “Veterans are coveted in the workplace due to their strongest attribute - they’re reliable.  However, this can come at the expense of the veteran as they are not in positions that maximize their earnings and potential.”

As a veteran job seeker, the knowledge gained from this report can help you understand how employers hire, what they are looking for, and how you can leverage the skills that you have gained in the military to find a rewarding career.

Know how your military skills can transfer to a civilian career

The first step is to become familiar with how your military training and knowledge can transfer into a civilian career. One of the greatest advantages that veterans have over their civilian counterparts are the intangible skills, or “soft skills,” that you learned while in the service. Identify those skills in your own experience, and consult our military and veteran transition resources page, which offers a guide on how to effectively transfer your military skills in your resume, through the interview process, and beyond.

Take advantage of your network

Resources like LinkedIn are extremely important in your job search. You can look for jobs, build your network, advertise your skills and achievements, and can let Recruiters know that you are looking for a career. LinkedIn even offers veterans a one-year free subscription to LinkedIn Premium, which allows you to connect with hiring managers, see who has viewed your profile, and even offers learning courses to help hone your skills. Listen to our podcast for more tips on how to leverage LinkedIn in your job search.

Strengthen your skills

One of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for a civilian career is through a SkillBridge internship. A SkillBridge internship is a great opportunity for service members to gain work experience while still serving in the military, helping you to gain industry training before you even leave the service. Read more about the SkillBridge program, including how to get started with the process, and internship opportunities with Orion Talent

Work with Orion Talent to find a career

You don’t have to navigate the job search alone! Orion Talent is here to help with resume building, interview preparation, and getting you in front of the companies that want to hire veterans and understand the advantages that you bring to the workplace. “Working with Orion will allow your skills and experiences to be properly translated to the corporate world,” Nolan stats. “The deep-rooted connections between Orion and our partners allow for total understanding of a veteran's background, what they’re good at, and why they’d be a great fit for the position considered.”

Learn more about our services for veterans, and register on our website and start discussing career opportunities with a Recruiter today!

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