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Are you considering working with a recruiting firm? Here are some best practices to keep in mind when starting to work with a recruiting firm to help establish not only a good rapport with your Recruiter, but also to find a meaningful career.

Honesty/Full Disclosure

Be honest with your Recruiters about any gaps in your resume, potential issues with your background check, and even with your expectations with salary, geographical location, and position. Your Recruiter will not be able to help you to their full potential if you are holding back information or being evasive.

Be Timely

Return all phone calls, emails, and texts in a timely and professional manner, and arrive to all scheduled interviews on time. If something has changed in your job search, or if something has unexpectedly come up, it’s important to communicate that to the Recruiter so they can continue to help you in your job search process.

Take the Recruiter’s Advice

Remember that Recruiters are the subject matter experts, and have your best interests at heart. They know which positions that you will be the best fit for, and will guide and coach you into the role. Be sure to take the time to go over all interview preparation and company research that the Recruiters recommend, and take it seriously. Our Recruiters have plenty of experience in what will help you to get an offer on a position!

Honor Your Commitment

Once you have formally accepted an offer, honor the commitment that you have made with your new employer, and show up at your new job on time and ready to begin your new career.

Get Started

Here at Orion, we’ve put together a handy code of conduct to help you stay on track and to allow us to give you the best career search possible. For more tips, read about what to do if an employer “ghosts” you, how to utilize social media in your job search, and learn the difference between military headhunters and military recruiters.

If you’re ready to begin your career search with Orion Talent, register here

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