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  • Why You Should be Hiring JMOs

In their recent article for Recruiting Daily, Mike Starich and Tim Isacco, CEO and COO of Orion Talent, explore why Corporate America should hire Junior Military Officers (JMOs). In it, they list the many attributes of JMO candidates, as well as best practices for recruiting them.

They advise that companies interested in hiring JMOs should invest in educating their recruiters on the leadership experience JMOs possess and how that translates into different roles. It is also important to keep in mind that even recruiters who have served in the military may not be fully educated on how military occupations in other branches may translate.

Getting to Know JMOs

No matter the military branch or occupational background, Mike and Tim list the following as traits you will find among JMO candidates.

  • Mature young leaders
  • Ambitious problem solvers
  • Willingness to volunteer
  • Four-year degree at a minimum
  • Excellent developmental potential
  • Often promoted faster than their civilian peers
  • Highly adaptive

Best Practices to Win JMO Talent

Once you know the types of candidate you could be missing out on, it is important to implement a plan to recruit this JMO talent.

Consider the following to ensure success:

  • Buy-in and sponsorship from leadership
  • Mentorship, formal training, and Leadership Development Programs (LDP)
  • Educate recruiters on military occupations and skillsets
  • Make your brand more attractive to JMOs

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