Best-in-Class Junior Military Officer Hiring

Over the last 30+ years, Orion Talent has matched more than 15,000 Junior Military Officers with careers at leading companies across various industries.

Junior Military Officers (JMO) are the next generation of diverse talent who can lead your company into the future. They have served in the military between four and ten years, leading troops under difficult circumstances, and have earned a BS or BA. This means they possess leadership experience unmatched by their civilian peers. Additionally, they come from a diverse talent pool, comprised of 35% minority and women candidates.

Best-in-Class Junior Military Officer Hiring

Whatever Your Hiring Needs, Orion Has the Solution.

Why Hire Junior Military Officers?

Recruiting JMOs ensures you have a strong pipeline of future leaders. These exceptional candidates are ideal for positions in:

JMOs possess engineering degrees from America's top universities, and many have advanced degrees, as well. They are committed to quality and process improvement and have excellent hands-on experience and the background to succeed in a variety of settings.

JMOs have unmatched experience as the key managers responsible for the overall direction of key military projects. In the military, they are trusted to manage resources to get an assigned project done on time and at budget. Additionally, many of our JMO candidates have earned a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Whether operations, engineering, or sales, LDPs are a smart way to mentor JMOs as your company's next generation of leaders. Our JMO candidates want to learn, prove themselves as a valued team member, and have a desire to become a business leader. Their military advancement has trained them to desire the clear cut professional growth LDPs offer.

JMOs excel in Operations Management because of their leadership, organization, and communication skills. Additionally, their military occupations are highly transferable to common operations roles in fields like distribution or transportation.

JMOs excel in Sales positions, leveraging their communication, management, and leadership skills to professionally engage and interact with new and existing clients at all levels. Our candidates' motivation and work ethic allow them to build a client base and quickly climb into leadership positions within the sales hierarchy. Orion candidates receive higher ratings than their peers in performance and effectiveness, allowing for early and rapid promotion.

The manufacturing field is very well suited for JMOs due to the direct correlation of their military experience and leadership style. JMOs hit the ground running and make an immediate impact on an organization's bottom line and profitability.

Podcast Episode - JMO Hiring Ideas and Practices

Gary Runner, a former Army Officer and Residential Construction Executive for 30 years, shares his experience in how his former company hired Junior Military Officers, best practices for onboarding and what to look for in an interview with a Junior Military Officer that will match with the job.

Industries We Serve

Orion Talent's JMO candidates experience tremendous success in a variety of positions across many industries, including:

Junior Military Officer Case Studies

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We are proud to be able to produce exceptional recruiting results with JMO candidates for clients like the one below.

Orion always brings us smart, motivated, and capable candidates, and they do well. Specifically, JMOs are uniquely prepared to interact with our clients at all levels – on the plant floor, with middle management, and with the executive suite. They can effectively multi-task and handle the fast-paced requirements of a company that is growing 35-40% annually.  They do well and advance up the corporate chain.  Orion is a valuable partner to us in the war for talent.

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Check out our infographic for fast facts on JMO hiring, including typical positions, salary, and backgrounds.

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