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Then and Now

Since we first published 7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent, a lot has changed. The way we work, socialize, and play has been disrupted in ways we could have never imagined. But that does not mean that the insight we offered is any less valuable. In fact, it may be more so. With employees being trusted to work from home and even taking on new initiatives in the wake of COVID, there is no better time to consider how you retain those trusted employees.

In 7 Rules of Retention, we went to the experts - HR leaders, talent acquisition experts, hiring managers, and recruiters who work on the front lines of workforce management to learn how they retain their top performers. Inside, we share the main seven retention lessons we gleaned from these professionals.

Seven Rules of Retention

1: Growth is Golden - Make sure to highlight the growth and upward advancement available to employees. Consider skills training, mentoring opportunities, or even a new project.

2: Trust in the Top - Engender trust in the top by walking the walk and embodying what the company stands for, its brand and values, and the company’s mission.

3: Meaningful Work - Most employees want to connect their work with the world around them. Help them do so by highlighting how the company invests in the local community and contributes to the world at large.

4: Compensation Competition - Don’t assume the status quo is still competitive. Stay informed on current market rates.

5: Eliminate Bad Managers - Seventy-five percent of those surveyed in this Gallup survey who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. Leverage the turnover data and exit interviews you have so you can pinpoint where any bad managers may be.

6: Make Flexibility a Value - This one is even more important with the new work from home culture. Flexibility is a must, whether it be where or when you work.

7: Be Open to Ongoing Career Dialogue - Let your employees take charge by putting more of the responsibility for career growth conversations in their hands.

Download the E-book

Many employees are excelling in these difficult times, proving their mettle in unprecedented circumstances and helping to keep many companies afloat. Retaining this talent is key to moving forward and encouraging growth. Following these seven rules can increase retention and keep your talent engaged, excited, and advancing. Download “7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent” today. You can also find more great retention tips here.

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