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Thanksgiving is here, and this season of gratitude should translate directly into the workplace. Employees that feel respected and heard stay longer in their jobs while morale improves. Below you’ll see nine ways to thank your team of passionate employees for their hard work as we close out the year.

1. Open Communication

An open line of communication shows employees that you value their feedback and trust their instincts to discuss challenges while displaying a culture of transparency. The more you shut yourself off from your employees, the less likely they are to communicate issues that need solving.

2. Encourage Growth

Focusing on your employees’ growth is an excellent way to show your gratitude for their hard work. Whether it be professional development, OJT, more responsibilities, or upward advancement, give your employees the chance to grow.

3. Walk the Walk

What are your company’s missions and values? Do you embody them? You can’t expect your employees to if you don’t. Also, place trust in your employees, as you will likely reciprocate. You can also apply this tip to logistical concerns - be punctual and reliable and so will your team.

4. Offer Philanthropic Opportunities

It is important that employees connect what they do to the world around them. Even if your business’ product isn’t life-changing, you can offer your team the ability to make a change through volunteer opportunities. This invigorates your employees and gives them a needed boost in their 9 to 5.

5. Competitive Benefits

This is not to suggest that you engage in a benefits war with another company, but be aware of the current trends in salary, vacation, and perks. Make sure you are able to competitively offer these in your employees’ packages. Consider growth opportunities as great reflections of how much a company values its employees, as well.

6. Be Flexible

The current pandemic has forced many companies into offering remote work. But, beyond this, it can be beneficial to give your team more say on when they work, as well. You can also be flexible when it comes to yearly reviews. You could hold them at the employee’s request.

7. Measure performance

Metrics are important not only for leaders but for employees. It gives them feedback on how they are doing and where they can improve. It also provides goals and feedback. Accomplishing a quantifiable goal is gratifying for everyone on the team.

8. Frequent recognition

Frequently recognize your team, even if it is for something seemingly small. You never know when a “Great job!” can boost someone and let them know that they are valued.

9. Encourage camaraderie

Consider forming Employee Resource Groups based on interests or backgrounds, and give your team the time and space to participate. You could also arrange virtual happy hours where work discussion is off-limits.

A company is no stronger than its employees. And, with the current economic uncertainty, showing your employees that they are valued is a great way to display gratitude and create loyalty. Following the nine steps above is not only a great way to say ‘thanks’ but can also encourage a positive work culture and high morale.

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