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Job Interview DON’TS: What NOT to do During a Job Interview

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Staffing Industry Analysts recently shared an article highlighting what HR professionals and Hiring Managers have experienced during interviews. From candidates eating food to showing up in bunny slippers, these interview “don’ts” take the cake!

The staffing company Express Employment Professionals surveyed over 300 business leaders and over 200 job seekers about the most egregious and inappropriate actions they have seen during a job interview. The results are surprising:

  • 85% report a job candidate “showing up late.”

  • 83% report a job candidate with “inappropriate clothing.”

  • 49% report a job candidate with “inappropriate language.”

  • 48% report a job candidate “eating or chewing gum.”

  • 39% report a job candidate “responding to text messages.”

  • 37% report a job candidate “answering a phone call.”

  • 31% report a job candidate “bringing a child into the interview.”

  • 31% report a job candidate “bringing a friend into the interview.”

  • 26% report a job candidate “bringing a parent into the interview.”

  • 24% report a job candidate being “under the influence” of drugs or alcohol.

Job candidates also reported unprofessional behavior on the other side of the table - 63% reported an interviewer showing up late, 58% experienced unprepared interviewers, and 51% reported an interviewer answering a phone call.

Most transitioning military have never had to interview for a position. In the military, natural career progression and a demonstrated record of performance have dictated the particular jobs you have secured. 

An interview is your chance as a job seeker to show why your military experience and your demonstrated track record of performance are a strong fit for the organization. You must be able to relate your background and strengths to an interviewer in order to get the job. 

"At every stage of the interview, keep your energy and positivity up. Be excited about the role, and stay on your game," Orion Talent Recruiter Chris Hurst advised in a recent podcast regarding the interview process. “Always assume business attire for first and any follow-up interviews, never be late, and communicate well with all parties involved in the process.”

Orion Talent offers a variety of interview preparation help through our Military Transition Resources page, including interview basics, common mistakes, sample interview questions, and more. In addition, our podcast, From the Battlefield to the Boardroom, has over 15 episodes dedicated to interview preparation, including Everything You Need to Know About the Interview Process, and Frequently Asked Interview Questions.