Most Common Interview Mistakes

Remember, it's not always the most qualified person who gets an offer; it's frequently the person who has the best interview.

Avoid these common interview mistakes:

Lack of Enthusiasm

You must show energy and enthusiasm if you want to be seriously considered for any opportunity. If a company doesn't see your desire or enthusiasm for a position during an interview, you will likely be disqualified from consideration for the position.

Vague Answers

A strong answer is supported by a detailed example. If you can't provide an example, or the examples you provide in support of your answers are weak, your answers will not make the impact you need to land the position. An experienced interviewer will typically interpret your lack of solid examples as inadequate professional experience, and disqualify you for the position.

Inadequate Personality

Would you hire someone who demonstrated a poor attitude, lack of poise, lack of self-confidence, acted timid, or couldn't complete his or her thoughts? You must come across as a confident, personable individual to make a positive impact on an interviewer.

Lack of Goals and Objectives

Companies hire former military personnel because they are focused and goal oriented. Know what you want going into an interview. A company will not hire a poorly motivated individual or someone who does not know what he or she wants, acts indecisive, or is not goal oriented.

Lack of Interest

A company simply will not hire someone who shows a lack of interest in the company or someone who is not interested in the type of work offered. Focus on getting your foot in the door, learn the business, and let your performance lead to promotions and career growth.

Poor Communication Skills

You have to do some self analysis, research yourself, and practice interview questions. If you don't practice, you won't be able to communicate as effectively as you will need to in an interview setting. Poor communication or presentation skills typically result from a lack of preparation.

Unrealistic Salary Demands

Be realistic. Get your foot in the door and work your way up. The most successful military candidates are those that focus on the opportunity and long term growth potential a company offers, versus short-term compensation.

Poor Personal Appearance

Appearance in an interview is critically important. Dress like a professional. Treat this interview as if you are going to meet your commanding officer for the first time. A poor appearance can doom an interview from the start.

Failure to Research the Company

If you can't tell an interviewer why you are interested in the company or are unable to provide some basic information that shows you have done some research, most interviewers will interpret your lack of preparation as a lack of interest. Be a professional and take your job search seriously. Research the company in advance of your interview.

Geographically Fixed

The reality of the job market is that the more flexible you are geographically, the more opportunities you will be eligible for. Think hard about what you are open to. Everybody has different considerations that influence their search, but don't restrict yourself to the point that you have to settle for a position you aren't happy with.

We hope that by avoiding these common mistakes you will set yourself up for success throughout the hiring process. Please ask your Candidate Recruiter if you have specific questions about what to do and not do during the interview process.

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