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Why Hire Military Talent? It’s All in the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Are you among the 99% of American companies today hiring veterans? This compelling statistic from Orion Talent’s latest survey clearly illustrates that hiring veterans is beneficial on multiple levels. If you are not among this vast majority, it may be time to consider the quantifiable benefits of recruiting veterans.
With this in mind, Orion is excited to present our latest infographic that tackles just this topic. As you will see, veterans make hiring easier, with higher interview-to-hire stats, higher job acceptance and retention rates. Our data also points out, however, that few businesses have a formal or effective veteran hiring program, which leaves room for improvement.

This data comes from the Orion Talent 2018 Veteran Hiring Survey: Exploring the Bottom-line Value of Hiring Veteran Talent. The survey included talent acquisition leaders nationwide and aimed to discover whether they see veterans transitioning from Active Duty as part of the solution to the current labor shortage. The valuable insight offered within this 11-page report provides practical application tips that go beyond the information above and offers a new look at both the advantages and challenges of hiring veteran talent. Download the full report to gain in-depth insight into why and how business are hiring veterans.
Military talent quality is second to none. Veterans can advance your workforce capabilities and productivity with their skills, experience, commitment, focus and drive. Delve deeper into the numbers, and see why and how to add top military talent to your team today. Download our infographic today!

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