Veteran Hiring Survey Infographic

Check out the Infographic for Insights on the Bottom-line Value of Hiring Veteran Talent

Veteran Hiring Survey Infographic: Exploring the Bottom-line Value of Hiring Veteran Talent

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The Orion Talent 2018 Veteran Hiring Survey offers a new look at both the advantages and challenges of hiring veteran talent. The infographic highlights a few findings from the report:

  • 99% of companies hire Veterans, however the average effectiveness rating for these initiatives is 3.17 out of 5
  • Veterans are easier to:
    • Interview - 59% cite higher interview-to-hire ratios
    • Hire - 65% say acceptance rates are higher
    • Retain - 67% find retention higher among veterans
  • The Top 3 most effective ways to recruit veterans:
    • Leverage a specialized military recruiting firm (44%)
    • Build a strong referral network (41%)
    • Attend a military job fair (37%)

Download the survey report now for valuable insight and practical application, including the Top 3 Takeaways for improving your veteran hiring efforts.

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  • Veteran Hiring Survey: Exploring the Bottom-line Value of Hiring Veteran Talent


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