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Hire Military Veterans

Orion is the nation's leading provider of best-in-class Military Talent Programs which enable organizations to attract, hire, develop and retain Military Talent. Whether you need to quickly ramp up hiring for project based needs, are looking for a company-wide coordinated Military Talent Strategy, or are seeking to fill just a few positions with the right Military Talent, Orion has the solution.

Military Grade Talent - On Time, On Target®

The quality of Orion's Military Grade Talent is unmatched. We have invested 25+ years in building and developing far-reaching networks into the military community so that you do not have to. Our On Time process is smooth and efficient, and we operate on your timeline rather than requiring you work on ours. Rather than just providing the talent, we provide the right match, leading to an On Target hire, the best possible fit for each candidate and client company we represent.

Why Hire Military?

Junior Military Officers (JMOs), Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs), Enlisted Technicians and Combat Arms Personnel will bring unparalleled dedication, maturity, and expertise, as well as unlimited potential to positively impact your company. Learn more about the quality of our candidates and the cost benefits of hiring military veterans.

Why choose Orion Talent?

Orion positions ourselves above and beyond the competition by offering the highest quality of candidate, flexible and personalized service, reduced cycle time, and cost savings. Learn more about the Orion Advantage. We are certain that a partnership with Orion will result in the upper hand in hiring that you have been searching for, and we hope to work with you to strategically help your company grow and prosper.

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