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National Distinguished Candidate Hiring Conferences

Hire Top Military Officer Talent through these National Events

Why Attend

National Distinguished Candidate Conferences (DCCs) from Orion Talent are exclusive hiring events designed to maximize your chances of connecting with the right candidate. Our unique events present you with the top military candidates to help fill your hiring needs. We invite you to join the 120+ companies each year that hire JMOs from an Orion DCC.

  • Testimonial about Orion's hiring events
  • Testimonial about Orion's hiring events

2020 Distinguished Candidate Conference Update

Due to the COVID Pandemic, our Distinguished Candidate Conferences are currently being held as Virtual Hiring Conferences. Learn more about our Virtual Hiring Conferences and resources for Virtual Interview Success.

Our Distinguished Candidates

  • BS or BA in Engineering, Management, or Humanities; Many have advanced degrees, including degrees from Service Academies
  • Military service between 4 and 10 years
  • Leadership experience unmatched by their civilian peers
  • Ideal backgrounds for positions in Engineering, Leadership, Operations Management, and Sales
  • Seeking positions nationwide in all industries with salaries ranging from $75,000 to $100,000+
  • Often willing to relocate and geographically flexible

Learn more about JMO hiring in this Call to Order podcast, featuring Gary Runner, a former Army Officer and 30-year Residential Construction Executive, discussing hiring Junior Military Officers, best practices for onboarding, and what to look for in an interview with a Junior Military Officer that will match with the job.

Our Military Service Academy Graduates

  • Degrees from Academies including United States Military Academy (USMA), the United States Naval Academy (USNA), and the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
  • Education from selective schools with an extensive and extremely competitive application process and an average acceptance rate of between 8-17%
  • Variety of degrees, most with some emphasis on Engineering

USNA and USMA graduates are among Orion's senior leadership, including Tim Isacco, COO (USMA '88), Tim Sweeney, Director, Strategic Programs (USNA '02), Steve Casey, VP, Talent Programs (USMA '89), & Gino Marchetti, VP, Sales (USNA '00)

Learn more about how a military academy education informs a civilian job in this Call to Order Podcast episode, featuring Tim Sweeney, USNA Graduate, and Orion Talent Director of Strategic Programs.

Learn more about Service Academy graduates here.

Distinguished Candidate Conference Agenda

Orion's Executive Leadership Team is available throughout each DCC to meet and discuss your company's talent planning and how our dedicated on-boarding programs, assessment tools, and other enterprise-scale service can support your organization in 2020 and beyond.

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