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Army Infantry Officer Jumpstarts Career with JWMI’s MBA Program

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Since 2015, Orion Talent has partnered with The Jack Welch Management Institute (JWMI) to help Veterans pursue higher education with high-impact, accredited online MBA degrees and Executive Certificate programs. JWMI values the training and leadership skills gained in the military and they are committed to helping veterans translate that experience into the business world.

Hale Milano, former Army Infantry Officer and recent JWMI graduate, considers pursuing an online MBA as one of the most valuable decisions he’s ever made. Hale wanted to continue his education and knew he didn’t want to stay in the military for the rest of his life. With a passion for business as his compass, he decided to enroll in the JWMI online MBA program while still serving in the Army. “For anyone in the military, whether you’re an O-1 or an O-5, I think getting your MBA is an incredibly smart and rewarding decision. Not only do we have a lot to share as military officers, but there is a great deal to learn that we can bring back into our careers,” says Hale.

Juggling a job, family, and an MBA didn’t come without its challenges. Hale had to find time to study in the midst of 14-hour work days and weekends filled with military activities. When times got hectic at work, he was forced to take a few pauses in his education. Hale credits his ability to save textbooks to Google Drive, coupled with his “hyperdrive” formula (coffee, energy drinks and Milky Way candy bars), with helping him complete his assignments on time. “It was hard to pass up on just kicking up my feet and relaxing after work like some of my peers, but I knew this was something that would pay off in the end, so I just buckled down and did it,” says Hale.

The core mission of JWMI is to transform the lives of students by providing them with the tools they need to become better leaders, build great teams, and help their organizations win. The curriculum is practical and relevant for business today, allowing students to immediately apply classroom lessons to become a better leader in the workplace. Hale differed from the typical JWMI MBA student as he was just beginning his career outside of the military when he enrolled in the program. However, what he learned about leadership, communication, change management, and organizational vision were all directly applicable as a Junior Military Officer as well. He explains, “I was facing a lot of the same challenges that my classmates leading in the business world did, so I was able to contribute right from the start!”

Hale encourages new students embarking on the JWMI MBA journey to take advantage of all of the great resources provided through the program. From attending live video conferences to developing relationships with other students and professors, every interaction can foster more learning. “I have loved my JWMI education, the classmates, professors, and conversations with Jack himself—it has all been amazing. Whether it’s using the degree to get my foot in the door with a top tier company, or putting the knowledge to use as I work on a project with a team, I have no doubt that the investment in a JWMI MBA will pay off exponentially in my future,” says Hale.

Learn more about earning your MBA through JWMI, or register for the March 29th webinar “How to Navigate a Military Transition to the Civilian Sector” presented by JWMI.

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