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Orion Alum Featured in Diversity in Action Magazine

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Orion proudly partners with Diversity in Action, a digital and print magazine dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. In the latest issue, Diversity in Action recently profiled one of our alumni, Earle LeMasters IV. LeMasters, a Navy Veteran, shares his experiences from college, through the Navy, and his current career at Mitsubishi Electric.

When LeMasters was finishing high school and considering what to study in college, he wanted a major that involved finding answers to difficult questions, and decided on Industrial Engineering.

“I talked to people who were part of the program, and they were problem-solvers,” LeMasters says, “They were given situations like how could we make this product faster? Or, how can we develop a drinking system for someone who has become a quadriplegic? You know, how do you solve these problems that are out there in the world?”

LeMasters this career path as a great way to add value back to the world. LeMasters completed his degree and entered the Navy, where he served as an Assistant Administrative Officer and a Reactor Mechanical Division Officer. 

When transitioning from the Navy in 2013, LeMasters sought the help of Orion and took an offer with Daiichi-Sankyo, where he worked for two years. After that, he gained some experience at a startup and then again enlisted the assistance of Orion when he was interested in finding a new career. In 2016, Orion introduced LeMasters to a hiring manager at Mitsubishi Electric, and shortly thereafter, LeMasters had accepted a position with the company.

Today, LeMasters puts his problem-solving skills to work as a project manager for Mitsubishi Electric in its elevator and escalator division. He manages projects from the initial phases through fabrication and construction, to the final turnover of the elevators and escalators to the customer.

LeMasters says his experiences gained during his Navy service have greatly helped him in his career with Mitsubishi Electric. “I think the military taught me a great sense of independence and the ability to find the answer on my own”, he says, adding that he uses these skills to help him talk to the right people and get the correct answers, so that he can come up with solutions for each tasks he faces.

Read the full profile here, and visit Diversity in Action online to learn more.


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