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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a long name for the incredibly effective strategy of outsourced recruiting. But, what exactly is RPO, how do you ensure a successful partnership and why is longevity important to RPO? Lamees Abourahma, Executive Director of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, covers all these FAQs and more in her discussion with Jake Ebenhoch, Vice President, Veteran-Based Hiring Programs and RPO at Orion Talent. Below are key takeaways from Part One of their discussion, as well as additional resources to provide further insight.

What are your best tips for starting a successful RPO Program?

  • Ensure executive buy-in to support change management.

    • Effective recruiting should be correlated to the impact it has on overall business drivers. This is where the C-suite sees value. Their buy-in will encourage the change necessary throughout the organization to fully embrace RPO and accomplish those goals.
  • Take the time to invest in implementation.

    • While you may need to quickly fill the open positions you have, it is important for an RPO partner to learn your client brand, talk about the employment value proposition, and discuss change management strategies with hiring managers, or an RPO program will not realize its full potential.

The right provider should help with both of these tips. Our e-book, “Eight Red Flags You Should Avoid with Recruitment Process Outsourcing”, provides insight on how to choose an RPO partner.

How can organizations know RPO is the right talent solution for them?

RPO is a holistic approach to talent acquisition and makes the most sense for those organizations that want to improve their overall TA process and performance. Companies just looking to fill positions and not improve their process or gain efficiency may not benefit from an RPO.

Take this two-minute quiz about your recruiting and hiring goals to see if RPO is right for you.

Why is the longevity of the RPO relationship important?

Jake uses an analogy about different types of cars to explain the importance of longevity in RPO versus traditional staffing. He explains that a staffing agency is like an electric vehicle that can go from zero to 60 mph in two and a half seconds. But, you have to charge the electric car every 230 miles. RPO is like a diesel pickup truck that you know is going to last 430,000 miles before it's done. So the staffing agency is good at speedy submittals, while RPO is extremely reliable and becomes more efficient over time. This is because it is continuously improving throughout the partnership.

What are the elements of a successful RPO partnership?

      • Material Changes

        • RPO partnerships that allow for material changes in scope or market trends ensure scalability.
      • Level of communication

        • A high level of communication over time is incredibly important.
      • Teamwork

        • It is important that an RPO partner works as an extension of your internal recruitment team and operates seamlessly within the team you have.
      • Continuous Improvement

        • Quarterly business reviews should be held to ensure a focus on continuous improvement strategies.

What are some of the elements driving organizations to the adoption of RPO in the last two years?

Over the last two years, companies are increasingly looking for strategic excellence and capability. Recruiters are hard to come by, so an RPO that can offer strategic forethought, thought leadership, technology, and recruitment expertise in a truly difficult recruitment market is a valuable partner.

Get Started with RPO

RPO from Orion Talent offers the longevity, teamwork, continuous improvement, and scalability that Jake references. Learn more about our outsourced recruiting services and how we can help improve recruiting effectiveness, cut costs, reduce turnover, and enable growth.

And stay tuned for more key takeaways from Part Two of Lamees and Jake’s discussion on RPO.

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