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What is the High Tech industry?

The High Tech industry refers to cutting-edge technology, or the most complex or the newest technology on the market. The High Tech industry comprises businesses that sell goods and services in electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence, and other industries related to information technology. Major companies include Intel, Oracle, and Google.

Common job types in the High Tech industry

According to Justin Larsen, Director of Recruiting - IT/Tech here at Orion Talent, these top job positions are the most common job types in the High Tech industry: 

  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Administrator
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Computer Programmer

What High Tech jobs are in high demand?

Many positions in the High Tech industry are in demand, due to the growth of the industry and the highly specialized skill set, training, and education that each position requires. Software Developers, Data Scientists, and Information Security Analysts are expected to grow by 20-30 percent between 2019 through 2029. As the industry rapidly grows and evolves, these specialized roles are needed to keep up with the constant innovation and also work to expand technologies.

What are the highest paying jobs in the High Tech industry?

Software Developers, IT Managers, Information Security Analysts, and Computer Network Architects earn on average $99K-$146K, more than any other position in the High Tech industry.

Why should you start a career in the High Tech industry?

A career in the High Tech industry is a wise choice. Some of the highest paying jobs are in the High Tech industry, and even in an entry level position, $60K+ per year is the average. The industry also allows for flexibility in the workplace as remote technologies grow and expand. Many companies in the High Tech industry are opting for work from home schedules, atypical work hours, and remote work. A career in the High Tech industry has unlimited career potential, and possibilities. Those who work in the High Tech industry can develop a career that perfectly suits their needs, leading to high job satisfaction.

Ready to get started with a career in the High Tech industry? Learn more about the industry, search jobs, and reach out to our High Tech industry recruiting experts, Jennifer Canner and Daniel Frank.

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