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On the blog last week we discussed Zoom fatigue - but is there such a thing as job search fatigue? Turns out there is - many people are experiencing this phenomenon right now, especially since there is an increased number of those unemployed for longer periods due to the ongoing pandemic. If you are finding yourself unable to focus, having feelings of tiredness, and lacking motivation during the job search process, read on for how to stay motivated by establishing healthy boundaries, setting goals, and really refining your career search.

The most important thing you can do to stay motivated in your job search is to establish a healthy work/life balance, just as you would if you were currently working. Think of your job search efforts as your full-time job. Try to keep a routine that is similar to a regular job and devote set “working” hours to the job search. These hours do not have to be a typical 9am-5pm day! Be honest with yourself and when you are at your best, and set aside that time to devote to the job search. 

While your end goal is to find a new career, it is important to set goals along the way to stay motivated while you are searching. Set smaller goals each day that are feasible to attain. For example, this might look like applying to two jobs, networking with a few people on LinkedIn, and attending a webinar in the field that you are interested in. These goals will help give you a starting point for each day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with the process. Of course, you can do more than three goals, but a few simple ones each day will give you the motivation you need to propel you even further. 

Lastly, stay motivated in your job search by refining your career choices. This helps make the process more productive. By targeting your search and really refining your application, you have a better chance of getting an interview than if you applied for many different jobs. Be strategic and selective with the positions that you are applying for, even if it seems counterintuitive. 

In our podcast “Everything you Need to Know about Preparing for the Interview Process,” Brian Henry, former Marine Corps Officer and current Senior Vice President of Operations at Orion, recommends “researching yourself.” List out any skills, strengths, and experiences that you feel are valuable to a potential employer. This serves two main purposes - it prepares you for handling interview questions, and also reveals what area you should focus on as a career path. You can then use these ideas to really narrow down your job search.

The job search process does not have to be a dreaded task, and one that leaves you burned out. A few simple tweaks to your mindset and habits can leave you with a lasting, positive experience, and one that will help you achieve a solid career. 

If you are transitioning from the military or are a veteran looking for a new career, we offer a robust transition resources guide to help make your job search easier. If you are ready to start a new career, register on our website to speak with a Recruiter.

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