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Transitioning from the military can be overwhelming, daunting, and hard to know where to start. Add to that the current global health crisis, and it is especially difficult to navigate a military to civilian transition. After getting over the hurdle of choosing a career, one of the major obstacles that transitioning military and veterans face is how to navigate office culture, from learning how to communicate with co-workers and managers, networking, and setting your own goals.

One of the first lessons in transitioning from the military and entering the corporate workplace is learning how to communicate with fellow co-workers and managers. While the military relies heavily on rank to set the tone for communication, it is not the same in the corporate world. It is important to learn how to speak to others without relying on a co-worker’s job description to set the tone. 

In addition, many military veterans struggle with communicating in a professional way that is not so rough or direct. As a veteran, it is important to understand that the military culture that has become second nature is not always welcomed in the civilian workplace setting. Learning how to be patient and checking language and tone will help create a positive work environment and allow you to be successful.

Networking is another important skill that helps transitioning military and veterans gain success in the civilian world. While networking can help you find a job, in the workplace it can help to solidify relationships and endears you to others, in turn helping you work more effectively.

In the military, having objectives laid out for you was commonplace, but in the corporate world, more often than not the onus is on you personally to set goals and keep track of your tasks and responsibilities. By setting goals, completing tasks and staying organized, you’ll show not only good work ethic but also your own resourcefulness and drive.

Navigating the corporate workplace does not have to be daunting. It is important to know that there are differences between the military world and the corporate world, and to understand how to respond to those differences. Learning to communicate effectively, network, and handle responsibilities is an important step in easing into the civilian workplace. 

Orion is here to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Visit our transition corner for resources, listen to our podcast, and register to speak with a Recruiter to get started with your military transition today.


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