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Ensure Recruiting Success with Orion Talent’s Accredited Training Program

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Leveraging a recruiter to hire military talent is a smart first step, but does that recruiter offer a training program aimed at educating TA, HR, hiring managers and other key stakeholders on all phases of Military Hiring? Orion Talent does! Our HRCI and SHRM accredited training program provides our clients with the knowledge and resources to ensure program success.

Training is available on-site or virtually via webinar, and covers the following topics:

 - Understanding Military Talent;
 - Best Practices in Military Hiring;
 - Military Skills Translation;
 - Evaluating a Transitioning Military Service Member;
 - Maximizing the Candidate Experience;
 - On-boarding and Retention; and
 - Employment Brand Marketing to the Military Job Seeker

Additionally, our pre-approved training curriculum provides certified HR Professionals with 2 Professional Development Credits per hour of learning.

When you learn something new, everyone benefits. We are excited to offer this comprehensive training. Get started here and ensure the best possible results for your Military Talent Program.

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