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The folks at Accolo, an Orion Talent company, recently shared their insight with us on the topic of predicting future recruiting costs and timelines; and, no, they didn’t conclude that you should hire a recruiting psychic. The answer is in streamlining your recruiting process. Accolo experts tell us that in organizations that don’t utilize outsourced recruiting for some or all of their hiring process, the recruiting function is often inconsistent, costly, and unpredictable. So how does Recruitment Process Outsourcing help with this problem?

RPO is intended to be a long-term, strategic partnership, ensuring a consistent talent pipeline, lower costs, high levels of hiring manager satisfaction, and improved employer branding. According to Accolo, this innovative recruiting solutions helps predict the future in three ways:

1. Predict Recruiting Costs: Because all your hiring costs are rolled into a single cost with RPO, you can know what expenses are coming down the pipeline every month. This is much better than random job board posting fees, background check fees, and time spent checking references, all with varying costs. You can arrive at your current cost-per-hire with this handy calculator.

2. Forecast a Predictable Process: Internal recruiters can each have their own system, making for a decentralized and unpredictable hiring process. With RPO, a structured and streamlined recruiting process is implemented according to your company’s needs. Everyone sticks to the plan, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

3. Estimate HR Availability for Non-Recruiting Activities: While a bit more roundabout, this one is important. Instead of using valuable time for a non-structured recruiting process, your HA personnel have time to focus on the employees you have now, and you have the ability to predict what that time will look like.

As the RPO experts at Accolo illustrate, RPO allows companies to predict hiring costs, create a consistent hiring process, and give HR staff the time to focus on HR initiatives. You can learn more about RPO and how it can help your company with these objectives here.

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