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This week, we’re proud to profile Ryan Zohar, a former US Navy Electronics Technician/Radioman who is now a Field Service Engineer with Nikon Precision. Ryan first reached out to Orion in 2012 after transitioning from the military. After taking some time away from Corporate America to go back to school, Ryan contacted Orion again to help him find a new career.

“I was very fortunate, because Orion didn’t judge me or the gap in my work history - they just pushed me right along and helped me move forward,” Ryan recalled.

To prepare for the interview process, Ryan seriously researched his current company. “I researched my prospective employers as much as I could. I read about their history, their worldwide operation, I looked up the equipment I’d be working with and learned as much as I could about what they do and what product they manufacture,” Ryan said. “I memorized the names of local operations staff, did some research on their community involvement and read a few articles about future propositions at technology expos. I didn’t want to risk not being prepared, and I also wanted to solidify my interest in their company not as a source of revenue, but as a personal connection to the industry,” he explained. 

Ryan’s hard work paid off, and he accepted a position with Nikon Precision in the Semiconductor industry. His experience in the military has helped him gain success in his new career. “My time on board a submarine prepared me for the rigid industrial standards required to achieve the level of precision and safety required in my industry,” he said. “Adherence to safety protocols, following guidelines to the letter and strong attention to detail are all skills that carried over into my industry.”

Ryan also credits the disciplines and skills that were ingrained in him from the military to help him in his current career, especially in regards to safety on the job. “I’m grateful for my military background in that sense - it gives me confidence to know that if anything goes wrong I’m trained to keep my head and focus on getting other people to safety,” he stated.

Lastly, Ryan offered some advice for transitioning military. “If you’re anything like me, a lot of the outside world is going to seem chaotic, erratic and formless. Life out here requires flexibility, creative solutions and proper management of time. Most importantly - out here, it’s only you. You’ll never have the support structure you had in the military - so make sure you can do without it,” he advised.

If you are transitioning soon or are a veteran looking for a civilian career, join Ryan and the thousands of others like him who have found rewarding careers through Orion Talent. Begin your career search with Orion and register today.

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