Semiconductor Careers through Orion Talent

Semiconductor Careers through Orion Talent

About the Industry

The semiconductor industry is leading the greatest period of progress in history. Semiconductors are all around us. They control the computers we use to conduct business, the phones and mobile devices we use to communicate, the cars and planes that get us from place to place, the machines that diagnose and treat illnesses, the military systems that protect us, and the electronic gadgets we use to listen to music, watch movies and play games, just to name a few. Without semiconductors, the technology that we count on every day would not be possible.

In recent years, U.S. semiconductor companies invested about one-fifth of total revenue in R&D, the highest rate of any industry. The semiconductor industry has consistently prioritized R&D even during difficult economic times and throughout fluctuations in sales revenue because chip designers and manufacturers know that these investments will pay off down the road.

Through collaboration, and effective government policies, America will continue to lead the world and the semiconductor industry will continue to create jobs, drive economic growth and develop the technologies needed to build our future.

Skilled Professional Jobs

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Orion has hired thousands of veterans into companies like Intel, Samsung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Micron and Qorvo. In this episode, Jay Koranda, Recruiting Manager at Orion, discusses opportunities within the semiconductor industry.