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Steve Casey, VP of Talent Programs at Orion Talent, had the opportunity to attend The Veterans Lounge, hosted by MediaTech Ventures at SXSW in Austin, TX last month. Steve Casey was a part of a workshop with Tony Entyre, CEO of FTC Solar and Glenn Banton, CEO of OSD titled “Promoting Yourself as a Veteran.” 

Steve and the other members of the workshop offered insights and advice to veterans looking for a civilian career, discussed the opportunities veterans have entering into the workforce, and demystified many stereotypes veterans have about Corporate America.

Steve started off the workshop by recommending that transitioning military and veterans know their worth in the civilian workforce. “Veterans are highly qualified, able to handle challenging and stressful situations, are efficient and productive, have valuable technical skills, and have proven leadership skills,” Steve stated. 

Steve urged veterans looking for a civilian career to do everything possible to prepare for the transition. “Getting ready to interview is not an overnight thing,” he advised. “Spend as much time as you can to prepare.” Orion has many resources to help support candidates in the transition process, including a suggested reading list, resume preparation, and interview preparation.

“You (veterans) are highly marketable, you just have to find the right fit, which can take time,” Steve stated. “Just be yourself, and you’ll be relatable, which will set you up for success.”

There are many opportunities for veterans entering the civilian workforce. Steve highlighted just a few of the careers in which Orion has seen veterans excel, including Operations, Management, Sales, Maintenance, and Technical roles. “There are so many jobs that veterans can pursue, things you don’t even think about,” Steve stated. One particular position that Steve addressed was Field Service. “The best Field Service Representatives are veterans,” he added. “They can handle both the customers and the technical aspect of the job.”

Steve then responded to the stereotypes that veterans have about the civilian workplace. “Two-thirds of veterans don’t think they’re viewed as strategic assets by their communities or employers,” Steve stated. However, the reality is completely different. “Veterans have learned how to lead people, manage assets, improve processes, and improve quality, all at a very young age,” he said. Many of the soft skills that veterans learn in the military relate to Corporate America.

Lastly, Steve wrapped up the workshop by reminding transitioning military and veterans to know their worth. “Don’t underestimate what you’ve done, and don’t treat your military experience as not much,” he stated. “Your experience is tremendous!”

Watch the video below to view Steve Casey’s full discussion, and catch the mock interview at the end between Steve and a Navy veteran:

If you are a transitioning military or veteran looking for a new career, register on our site to get started today.

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