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In addition to meeting social distancing recommendations, virtual interviews are becoming a preferred method of interview due to ease of scheduling and budget friendliness for both the job seeker and employer. The goal of an in-person or virtual interview is the same - you want to make a lasting impression that gets you to the next round of interviews.

An Orion virtual interview is your chance to interview with hiring managers for positions across the U.S. that are a match with your background, skills, and preferences. All you need is a good internet connection and a virtual interviewing platform of the company’s choosing to interview for your next career from anywhere in the country without the need to travel.

We have put together a list of resources to help you successfully navigate a virtual interview. Check out our extensive list of tips for conducting a great virtual interview, covering everything from Technology, Location, and Interaction, to Attire and How to Overcome Potential Obstacles. Following these tips should lead to a successful virtual interview, and help you avoid any embarrassing situations! Download a PDF of our virtual interview tips.

In addition, listen to our podcast for more advice and tips on how to ace your virtual interview:

Are you ready to participate in a virtual interview to find your next career? See below for our upcoming virtual hiring conferences, and request more information:

March 29 - 30 - Providence, RI

April 5 - 6 - Austin, TX

April 5 - 6 - Cincinnati, OH

April 19 - 20 - San Diego, CA

April 19 - 21 - Atlanta, GA (Military Technicians)

April 21 - 24 - Atlanta, GA (Distinguished Candidate Conference)


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