Virtually Interview for your Next Career through Orion Talent

Interview for your next career from anywhere in the country without the need to travel.

Virtual interviews are a preferred method of interview due to ease of scheduling and budget friendliness for both the job seeker and employer. The goal of an in-person or virtual interview is the same - you want to make a lasting impression that gets you to the next round of interviews.

An Orion virtual interview is your chance to interview with hiring managers for positions across the U.S. that are a match with your background, skills, and preferences. All you need is a good internet connection and a virtual interview platform of the company's choosing to interview for your next career from anywhere in the country without the need to travel.

Virtually Interview for your Next Career through Orion Talent

Podcast: Keys to Acing Your Virtual Interview

In this episode, an Orion Account Executive gives you the keys to ace your virtual interview. Topics include:

  • Benefits of virtual interviewing
  • How to prepare
  • What to avoid
  • Interview tips
  • Upcoming virtual interviews through Orion

More Tips for Success

More Tips for Success

It's important to become comfortable in front of the camera. Check out our extensive list of tips for conducting a great virtual interview covering everything from Technology, Location, and Interaction, to Attire and How to Overcome Potential Obstacles. Following these tips should lead to a successful virtual interview!

View more tips on preparing for virtual interviews here.

Virtual Conference Success

I landed a great job through Orion Talent with excellent pay during the COVID-19 pandemic, which I did not believe was possible.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, my Orion recruiters worked hard to get me the job I wanted at the salary I needed. They were extremely friendly and answered all my questions quickly and, most importantly, honestly. I would recommend Orion to anyone looking for a great job search experience.

My recruiter was simply the best during my job search and onboarding. His last-minute work was nothing short of what a true professional does. He got the deal done for the client I wanted to work for, and I received additional offers from other companies, too! Well done, Orion, especially in the middle of COVID.

I spent a little over 80 minutes doing two virtual interviews and was offered the job without even having to formally apply for it! I would not have the job right now if I did not work with Orion.

Here Are Just a Few of Orion's Top Clients Who Virtually Interview Military Talent