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TA Trendsetters: The Business Case for Military Hiring

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Orion Talent is excited to announce that we have published our inaugural Talent Acquisition (TA) Trendsetters brief. TA Trendsetters is a series of thought leadership insights that explore the winning strategies of talent acquisition leaders. Each brief provides a platform for TA leaders to share the ways their work and teams are contributing to better business productivity and meeting business and talent goals.

Our first brief in the series, The Business Case for Military Hiring, features the inside perspective of Mary Collins of S&C Electric Company. As the Service Manager for the Southeast Region Field Services, Collins is responsible for the acquisition, management and development of skilled, knowledgeable and service-oriented technical professionals. Prior to joining S&C, Mary worked at GE for 12 years running a nationwide technical program.

Mary discusses recruiting and hiring military talent, as well as veteran leadership. She lays out five key reasons to recruit veterans, including their skills, collaboration, resilience, eagerness to grow, and above and beyond performance. Mary concludes, “At GE, we were able to hire over 120 technicians and field engineers that were trained and engaged in work areas of installation, troubleshooting and repair of industrial electrical equipment. By threading former military technicians and engineers into our program, we have been able to take on more business, compete on projects with multiple price points, reduce backlog and accelerate revenue – all while realizing higher profit margins on many projects!”

Read the inaugural Talent Acquisition Trendsetters brief and gain key insights from today’s leading Talent Acquisition professionals.

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