The Business Case for Military Hiring

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In this issue, The Business Case for Military Hiring, S&C Electric Company's Mary Collins shares her inside perspective on the business benefits of recruiting and hiring military talent.

Collins explores many of the advantages of hiring military Veterans, including:

  • Most military Veterans have already been through tough and demanding situations. It's not easy to ruffle their feathers, and they are ready to respond to a variety of company needs and challenges.
  • Military Veterans tend to perform very well under pressure. They don't run away from a challenge. In fact, they tend to embrace it.
  • Boosts in company performance and profitability. As troubleshooters and problem-solvers, military hires can save businesses time and money with their competence and willingness to push forward for the client.

"Military Veterans come with soft skills already built in," Collins said. Rather than having to train them, she said, "The case for hiring Veterans is that you are hiring talent that comes with many strong soft skills and workplace know-how. Everyone wants to hire employees who are ready to jump in and get to work, and I have found that to be constant among the military Veterans we hire."

Business Case for Military Hiring