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[Free e-book] 7 Rules of Retention

Thursday, January 16, 2020
In a time of high job market participation, record low unemployment rates, and generational workforce shifts, finding qualified new hires is harder than ever. And, once you’ve hired that star employee, you then need to retain them. Employee retention is critical, but the old days of handing out a bonus and conducting a performance review once a year are gone.
To address the evolving landscape of employee retention, Orion Talent went to the experts—HR leaders, talent acquisition experts, hiring managers and recruiters who work on the front lines of workforce management. The result is our latest e-book, “7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent”.
In its pages, you will find a summary of what they shared—seven lessons on what it takes to hold on to talent today. Read on for a peek at the insight this e-book has to offer.

Lesson 1: Growth is Golden - Focus on growth, as well as upward advancement. Consider skills training or mentoring opportunities or even a new project.
Lesson 2: Trust in the Top - Ensure that company leaders clearly communicate and embody what the company stands for, its brand and values, and where the company is going.
Lesson 3: Meaningful Work - Help employees connect the work they do to the world around them by highlighting how the company invests in the local community and contributes to the world at large.
Lesson 4: Compensation Competition - Don’t assume the status quo is still competitive. Stay informed on current market rates.
Lesson 5: Eliminate Bad Managers - Most employees don’t leave a company, they leave a bad manager. Leverage turnover data and exit interviews in order to identify areas where management could be playing a role in turnover.
Lesson 6: Make Flexibility a Value - Flexibility on the job, whether it is in setting one’s own schedule or the ability to work from home when needed, is a powerful way to retain employees.
Lesson 7: Be Open to Ongoing Career Dialogue - Let employees take charge by putting more of the responsibility for career growth conversations in their hands.
For many companies, one way to battle a tough employment market is to keep the talent you already have. Heeding these seven tips could save the headache of dealing with high and unrelenting turnover. Update your retention practices and aim to keep your talent engaged, excited and advancing. Download “7 Rules of Retention: Expert Insights on Keeping Your Top Talent” today!

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