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This week, we’re proud to profile Vallery Carolus, a former U.S. Navy Sonar Technician who is now a Production Controller with Siemens. Vallery began looking for a career about six months prior to her end of active service, and was having trouble finding companies that would consider her for a career that far in advance. She decided to contact Orion for assistance.

“My recruiter gathered information about my skills and interests, and then set me up with phone interviews for a Hiring Conference in Cincinnati, OH,” Vallery explained. Vallery was looking to move to the Cincinnati area after her service, but was stationed in Hawaii and could not attend in person. “My recruiter set me up with a schedule that worked for me and the time difference. It was such a stress-free and valuable experience!”

Vallery was offered a position with Siemens as a Production Controller in a motor manufacturing plant. “I actually interviewed for a different position with Siemens than the one I currently have,” Vallery stated. “Siemens offered me another position that they believed was a better fit, AND it paid more money!”

Vallery’s experience in the military has been essential to her success in her new role. “Having had experience in coordinating projects and programs in the Navy, the fast-paced and wonderfully dynamic environment of controlling production schedules was a natural and exciting transition from the fast-paced and dynamic environment of operations on board a Navy warship,” Vallery explained.

For Vallery, using a military recruiting firm like Orion Talent was invaluable to her post-military career search. “My biggest apprehension about leaving the military was the possibility of not finding a rewarding career on the civilian side, but thanks to Orion, securing exciting new employment ended up being the least of my worries. Separating from the military is a leap of faith, but Orion was there to break the fall in a HUGE way!”

If you are transitioning soon and looking for a civilian career, join Vallery and the thousands of others like her who have found rewarding careers through Orion Talent. Begin your career search with Orion and register today.

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