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Four Interview Tips for Employers

Thursday, October 3, 2019
In the age of ghosting, social media reviews, and low unemployment rates, the interview process has become far more than a series of questions you ask a candidate. Whether it be a screening or selection interview, by phone, video, or in person, the candidate experience throughout the process is paramount.

Here are four tips to keep in mind when evaluating talent through the interview process:

1. Most transitioning military personnel have never had to interview for a position. In the military, natural career progression and a demonstrated record of performance have dictated the particular jobs they secured. A different approach is often warranted, possibly including a military veteran in the interview process, as well.

2. Use your on-site or second interview to go in-depth. The second interview is your chance to closely evaluate a candidate's abilities and interpersonal skills. Look for the candidate that distinguishes himself from the other candidates and comes prepared to close the interview.

3. Shorten and define your interview schedule. The average interview process is 22 days. At Orion, however, we strive to cut that down to two weeks. You should communicate a clear timeline to the candidate, so they know what to expect. Too long of an interview process can lead to the loss of quality talent.

4. Keep your candidates updated. Regardless of whether or not they are moving on in the process, they should be notified. Our recruiters suggest a three-pronged approach: call, text, and email.

And here’s a bonus tip from Business Development Director, Dave Lehmkuhl!

Want more tips? Check out our new Employer Interview Tips webpage here. And don’t forget that Orion is here to lend our expertise to your interview process. Let us help with everything from sourcing and recruiting to onboarding, integration and retention. Learn more here.

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