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Veteran Spotlight: Robert Sickmiller

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This week, we’re proud to profile Robert Sickmiller, a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate who is now a Facility Manager with Bridgestone. After an almost 24-year career in the Navy, Robert Sickmiller decided to retire and pursue a career in the civilian world. Like most veterans, Robert really enjoyed his time in the military and was worried he would not find a career as rewarding as the one he experienced in the Navy.

Luckily, Robert’s transition was smooth. He connected with an Orion Recruiter to help him find his next career. He attended a Hiring Conference in Atlanta, and was hired as a Chief Engineer for a facilities management company. After a little over three years in his position, Robert reached out to Orion again to help him find a new career. 

“I have been with Bridgestone since March of 2016 as a Facility Manager in their tire plant in LaVergne, TN. I am responsible for a 52-acre plant, and I have been very successful maintaining an older building with a limited budget and resources,” Robert said.

According to Robert, the best part about his current position is his ability to help people, and the fast-paced environment of the plant. “I meet multiple challenges on a daily basis, and that keeps me motivated. I may not have a solution for everything, but I will give 110% daily,” he explained.

Robert’s time in the military has been beneficial in his new career. “I have a very unique position with very little oversight or assistance; I am expected to figure it out on my own. This can be very stressful for a lot of people, but stress was an everyday thing in the Navy.  I live for it!”

In his new role, Robert has the opportunity to hire veterans like himself, and understands the benefits of hiring military. “I have been in the civilian world for just over seven years. Veterans are just different people,” he explained. “I may be a little biased being a retired veteran, but you just don’t get the same caliber of person. Qualities like honor, integrity, pride, and loyalty are a priority with veterans.”

Robert left some lasting advice for transitioning military veterans, encouraging them to think outside the box. “I could have gone into a nuclear field like a lot of other Navy Nukes, but I chose a different path and I have no regrets,” Robert said.

If you are transitioning soon and looking for a civilian career, join Robert and the thousands of others like him who have found rewarding careers through Orion Talent. Begin your career search with Orion and register today.

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