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In his most recent article for Recruiting Daily, Mike Starich, CEO of Orion Talent, examines the prospect of a recession within the next year and what that means for the recruiting industry. The article, “Recruiters Preparing for the Recession of 2020,” explores how recruiters can be part of the solution rather part of the problem, by providing four ways to prepare in advance.
1. Create a plan to lessen the blow for your business. Know your costs and the forecasted hiring needs of your clients, or risk getting left out in the cold.
2. Optimize TA processes. Use this time to sharpen your team and internal best practices.
3. Think beyond the recession; don’t let your best people evaporate. Avoid laying off your best recruiters and sales people so that when the market bounces back, your firm will be better positioned to capture emerging new business.
4. Build your own case as an indispensable recruiter for the day a layoff looms in your firm. Once a recession kicks in and the need for new hires thins out, we can expect HR and TA teams to get lean again.
Starich points out that it has been over ten years since the last recession, and, with economists predicting another one, now is the time to stay focused on delivering value. Read the full article now to learn more.

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