Mike Starich

Transition Advisor

Mike Starich

Mike Starich grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attended Marquette University on an NROTC scholarship. After graduating, Mike served seven years in the US Marine Corps as an F-4 Phantom Flight Officer and also a Marine Officer Recruiter. After separating as a Captain in 1992, he joined Orion Talent as a Junior Military Officer Recruiter. After serving in various roles from Austin Operations Manager to Chief Operating Officer, Mike was promoted to President at the start of 2006, and became CEO in March 2015.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years and their three children. They are and have been active in their church, high school lacrosse & orchestra, middle school education, and The Boy Scouts.

In October 2021, Orion Talent welcomed Sarah Peiker to the team as CEO, and Mike is currently serving as Transition Advisor to the CEO.

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