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  • How to Interview Military Job Seekers Across the Country This Spring & Summer
If you are like most employers, you realize the many benefits of hiring veterans, know that the quality of military candidates is second to none, and aim to incorporate veterans into your hiring initiatives. You know that veterans possess experience, training, and education that is unmatched by their peers. But, do you know how to best reach this talent?
You can advance your workforce capabilities and productivity with military and veteran candidates recruited through one of Orion Talent’s Distinguished Candidate Conferences (DCC) and 70+ annual hiring conferences. At our DCCs, we present carefully selected candidates representing the very top tier of Military Officers transitioning from Active Duty. They are seeking careers in growth roles including Leadership Development, Operations Management, Engineering, and Sales. See below for our DCC schedule:

Our regional Hiring Conferences bring employers and military candidates together for concentrated recruiting events that combine networking, interviewing and opportunity assessments. See below for our Spring Hiring Conference schedule:
15 Norfolk
15 San Diego
24-26 Virtual
6 Parsippany
6 Chicago
7 Columbia, SC
10 Austin
10 Seattle
22-24 Virtual
3 Houston
3 Norfolk
3 San Diego
3 Atlanta
10 Detroit
26-28 Virtual
28 Seattle

Request more info here to learn about any of these upcoming events. We look forward to helping you reach your veteran recruiting goals.