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How Brand Marketing and Outreach Accelerates Veteran Hiring

Thursday, March 21, 2019
A recent blog post on Social Talent titled, “Use Employer Branding to Build Outstanding Talent Pipelines” explores the importance of Brand Marketing and Outreach. In his article, author William Ryan writes, “According to a recent poll by Glassdoor – 84% of candidates would leave their current position for a company with a great employer brand.” This is an impressive stat that drives home the importance of a proactive recruiting program that implements Brand Marketing.
Ryan lays out four steps, including developing a Target Candidate Persona, defining your Employee Value Proposition, creating a Content Strategy, and connecting Offline. Having provided Brand Marketing and Outreach services for more than a decade, Orion Talent is uniquely situated to meet and exceed these recommendations.
Orion’s customized, multi-layer marketing campaigns position companies as an Employer of Choice for Military Talent and create a renewing pipeline of talented Veterans with the following solutions:
Develop a Target Candidate Persona
Customized Military Careers Microsite: The microsite serves as the focal point of the marketing campaign. Traffic from all online marketing efforts is directed to the microsite.

Website Advertising: Orion will include your logo on our homepage and Featured Employers page, as well as a banner ad on our job seeker portal.   

Targeted Emails: Email marketing to our proprietary candidate database is targeted by 20+ data points to ensure the best match for your organization.

Social Media Promotion: Orion will promote your opportunities to an engaged community of 50,000+ via Orion's social media channels.   
Define Employee Value Proposition
We can help make your EVP real (e.g. market wages, benefits, culture, etc.), digitally brand your EVP to the targeted markets, and train TA and HR on the tools, the EVP, and how to win the best. You can read more about EVPs and their role in recruiting in  TA Trendsetters: HR’s Role in Productivity and Branding, with Katy Theroux of NCI Building Systems.
Content Strategy
Content Creation: We will feature your open positions in our job seeker newsletter, with an opt-in subscriber list of 17,000+. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be featured in Orion's job seeker blog and podcast.
Connect Offline
On-Base Representation: Orion visits 90+ bases annually. We will market your organization and opportunities via ACAP and TAP centers across the US
In-person Interviews: Interview our candidates at National and Regional Hiring Conferences or company-exclusive hiring events.
In addition to these tips, Mike Starich, CEO of Orion Talent lays out more steps and resources in the article and infographic, “10 Steps You Must Take for a Proactive Recruiting Program”. Like Ryan explains, Employer Branding is about more than finding the right talent, it’s about “keeping the relationship warm until it’s time to close.” Learn more about how Orion Talent can help you do just that.

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