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Franchise Opportunities with Precision Playgrounds

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Orion has recently partnered with Precision Playgrounds, a leading installer of commercial playgrounds, and sports and recreation equipment. Since 2002, Precision Playgrounds has installed thousands of playgrounds nationwide.

Known for its consistency, professionalism, attention to detail and a high level of customer service, Precision Playgrounds is rapidly expanding and is seeking entrepreneurial transitioning and former service members to join its team as Franchisees. The company began franchising its operations in 2008 and currently has more than 20 franchises in 34 states.

Precision Playgrounds’ Franchisees are dedicated and hard-working business owners who have a strict eye for detail. As a Franchisee, you are responsible for building and hiring your own team, managing your own budget, and taking on projects across the country. As a business owner, your salary is determined by how much business you take on and how well you manage your budget. The average Franchisee takes home between $120,000-$150,000 in their first year, with top performers taking home well over $200,000 in their first full year on the job.

Stacey Pyle, Director of Operations at Precision Playgrounds, recently attended an Orion Hiring Conference to speak with attending veterans about the company’s Franchise opportunities. “We have 21 Franchisees and plan to hire 10 more this year. We hired four people through Orion last year,” Stacey said about Precision Playgrounds’ growth. “Revenue last year was about $4.9 million, and this year we expect to do $6 million, maybe more,” she continued.

Watch the video for more information about Precision Playgrounds Franchises:


Visit us online to learn more and apply for a Franchisee career with Precision Playgrounds.

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